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The Next Generation of Blockchain Technology For Processing Scholarships and Student Allowances

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LARE COIN, a breakthrough digital solution for both educational programs to attract new talent and students throughout the globe. LARE COIN is a digital currency that provides a platform for users who wish to apply for scholarships and student allowances from educational systems, financial aid and grant programs to further their education without having to go through the usual inherent stress and problems attached with the initial traditional method of applying for scholarships and other related grants.

LARE COIN is enabling the first global student network to thrive on the Ethereum blockchain, with this, LARE coin can also be accepted as a form of payment and used for payroll purposes by businesses and merchants globally.

With LARE COIN student users can make “private” payments for any purpose or send “private” payments without restrictions as long as a Student Allowance Contract (SAC) is executed and the student is legally committed to enroll in a given program.


Traditional scholarship methods are marred with a lot of disadvantages which makes them unreliable, time consuming and ineffective. Some of these shortfalls include the Hefty Procedural Applications: Traditional programs tend to have hefty procedural applications and forms that require applicants to follow precisely.

Similarly are the Time-Constraints: Long and time-consuming constraints exist and apply to outdated scholarship and student allowance methods; therefore, it is very inconvenient, waiting to receive acceptance to a program yet alone benefits, if any, among different educational systems, in different nations.

Other problems include late delivery of the scholarship benefits to successful applicants, candidates who are less fortunate are also required to meet some financial requirements, among other problems.

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LARE COIN provides students with access to a simpler, safer and faster transaction method where they can apply for and receive instant notification of educational acceptance with scholarship and allowance benefits. Students from all works of life can take advantage of the wide range of solutions provided by LARE COIN to improve their overall education experience.


ICO is one of the ways in which LARE COIN plans on funding its initiatives, some of which are building and developing the project’s core Team, the ecosystem for the LARE COIN platform and apps, and running marketing campaigns so that LARE COIN obtains global brand-awareness as well as ensuring that LARE COIN’s reputation would be successfully built.

There are several ways to earn a profit with LARE COIN which includes through the Trading, Lending, Staking or the Mining program which will be made available after the ICO.

The total supply of LARE coin is fifty-eight billion (58 billion), and 28 billion is going into the ICO program which will run from February 2 – April 19, 2018.

Immediately after the completion of the ICO and the vesting period, an internal trading floor will be opened that will accommodate the buying and selling of the ICO coin on its very own exchange hosted on LARE.

With LARE COIN there is no more red tape, no more annoying and lengthy bank and program procedures. LARE COIN allows you access the most user-friendly application, a remote payment transaction, anywhere in the world, from your desktop computer, smartphone or any device accessible to the internet. To learn more about, visit ( their website or other channels.

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