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NICE Bot wants to take control of employees & # 039; Most tedious tasks

NICE debuted on Tuesday its NICE Employee Virtual Attendant, or NEVA, a process automation robot powered by the office automation technology of the company. 39; company.

With chatbot capabilities, NEVA "is designed for front-end and back-office employees," said NICE Vice President, Oded Karev, head of advanced process automation.

Employees can use NEVA either to run a complex business process or to learn about a process, he told CRM Buyer. "This latter use is commonplace in a dynamic, compliance-driven environment where processes are heavily influenced by changing laws, regulations, and company policies."

NEVA could be a natural for the field of health, for example.

Performs routine and repetitive tasks more quickly and accurately than customer service agents can perform and comply with company policies, improving productivity, improving process accuracy, and increases customer satisfaction

"The market for automation for employees is extremely important," said Alan Lepofsky, a senior analyst at Constellation Research.

"Employees are overwhelmed by too much information from too many applications," he told CRM Buyer. "The first obstacle to getting help is often not even knowing where to look."

Help new employees

NEVA offers new employees in-service training through step-by-step process guidelines, eliminating the need for classroom training sessions. Reminding employees to follow policy-based processes – such as reading a disclaimer required, checking a required box or completing a step of the process – this promotes compliance.

He "can guide employees by accomplishing complex tasks," noted Karev.

NEVA "shortens training time and is available to answer any questions about systems, processes and policies, or regulations," he added.

Design time analysis is built into the solution, which allows NEVA to detect when an employee needs guidance from his mouse clicks and his keystrokes. It can automatically respond to such desktop activity to provide contextual guidance in real time.

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NEVA's interface invites employees to ask for help and ask questions through a voice or text discussion when needed.

Help sales teams

NEVA's intelligent decision engine translates requests into structured workflow actions and interacts with desktop systems to execute requests, the company said. It extracts data from back-end systems and can be a guide to the best future actions, in a timely manner, as a guide for the employee.

The script can be developed from sales interaction records or other sources. Business analysts will review the parameters that can define the next best action during the design phase, Karev said.

Sales teams are one of the key target markets, but "many processes depend on data evolution or interactions with others, different departments and teams within a single organization." can also benefit, "says Karev.

The automation of the sales force could prove to be a good market for NEVA.

Artificial intelligence is a good choice for SFA software because "SFA lacks completeness, consistency, and accuracy of gain / loss data," observes Rebecca Wettemann, vice president of research at Nucleus Research.

Most CRM software vendors have listed the built-in AI on their roadmaps, though they do not already include it in their products now, she said at CRM Buyer.

In addition, "customer service is ready for AI because of the volume and consistency of customer records that can be used to form AI-compliant applications," noted Wettemann.

Play well with others

Based on the NICE Robotic Process Automation platform, NEVA is fully customizable and easy to deploy, according to the company.

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APR NICE guarantees connectivity to any application, regardless of the platform.

NICE has developed object-based connectivity, a method in which RPA connectors use native application interfaces and local operating system APIs to communicate directly with the application. automated.

The NICE RPA combines this object-based connectivity with surface connectivity, which uses keyboard, mouse, and screen elements to trigger and interact with native applications.

However, "with interactive knowledge bases and AI-powered chatbots that already reduce the need for interactions between agents," observed Wettemann, "it's an ironic niche" .

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