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Nintendo Announces New and Retro Titles for Switch (More New Mario Outfits)

The Switch receives a host of new games that should appeal to a wide variety of players, today announced Nintendo in one of his "Direct" videos. A new Mario Tennis game, updates from Odyssey, classics and indies, and perhaps unexpectedly, Dark Souls: Remastered.

The deepest madness is The World Ends With You, a DS cult hit with a great soundtrack and a great modern aesthetic. Many fans have asked for a remake or a port, and they surely cry tears of joy today.

The flawless Super Mario Odyssey gets a new competitive game mode and an appearance of the well-known brother of the well known plumber. Luigi welcomes Balloon World, where you have 30 seconds to hide a balloon somewhere on a stage, or find one that someone else has hidden. There is no doubt that powerful 999-star players will find ways to put them in areas that are absurdly hard to reach.

Luigi also appears (with all the usual suspects) in the new Mario Tennis Aces, which is pretty much what you expect. The story mode seems to be fun, although I doubt that it will touch the Power Tour on the GBA. (If you want a spiritual sequel to that, try Golf Story.Fair sports, good feeling.)

I look forward to playing JPRG Ys VIII's action, the beautiful and musical Fe, and the gigantic platform pixelated Celeste, which has received some easier modes for people who do not want bite marks on their controllers.

While I will probably replay Dark Souls: Remastered on PC to get the maximum effect of the art redone, it's good to know that Nintendo is turning to court games and the developers usually preferred by the more hardcore.

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Check out the rest of the Nintendo ads (with narrated clips worthy of a groan) on the Direct page.