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Nintendo says Switch will beat total Wii U sales in its first year

The Switch starts paying for Nintendo. The new console is selling so well that the Japanese firm said today that it could outclass the Wii U, its predecessor, in the year following its release.

Today, Nintendo has raised its prediction for Switch's total sales during its fiscal year – which spans from April to March – at 14 million units, against 10 million initially. If he can reach this figure, the Switch will have already beaten the Wii U, the flop console announcing the first step of Nintendo in the hybrid game, which sold a little over 13.5 million units on the whole of its life cycle.

The signs are already promising. Sales of Switch consoles and games, combined with Nintendo's lucrative smartphone games, enabled the company to generate operating profit of 23.8 billion yen ($ 209 million) for a total of Business of 220 billion yen. Overall, 2.93 million units were shipped during the quarter, bringing the switch to 7.63 million so far.

If Nintendo is to reach this goal of 14 million, sales will have to accelerate. The key to this is perhaps to overcome any problem that limits the supply side of Nintendo.