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Nintendo Switch Online costs $ 20 per year and comes with 20 playable NES games online

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Nintendo finally revealed the details of its paid online service after months of speculation by fans. The price is pretty much as expected ($ 20 a year), but online game backup additions and NES games with online multiplayer add-on soften the deal.

We first heard the prices last June, including the options of $ 3.99 a month and $ 7.99 over three months, but the announcement left a lot to it. ;imagination. This one makes things a lot clearer, but there are still some mysteries to clear up at E3 or closer to the September launch.

Saving data being backed up online is perhaps the most requested feature on the Switch, and another platform has been provided for years. So, his official announcement will surely be greeted with shouts of joy. The exact details are coming soon.

But it's the online game for NES games that really caught my eye. Officially called "NES – Nintendo Switch Online", it will be a collection of 10 games to start and 10 more to come, all of which can be played in single player and multiplayer online mode. How exactly that looks like is not entirely clear; Nintendo's version says "Depending on the game, players may engage in competitive or cooperative multiplayer online mode, or take turns controlling the action."

Does this mean that we will have rankings? Ghost runs in Super Mario Bros 3 ? Battles with low latency in Balloon Fight ? No idea.

At least the first 10 games are confirmed: Balloon Fight Dr. Mario and Super Mario Bros. 3, Donkey Kong Ice climber The legend of Zelda Mario Brothers Football Super Mario Bros. and Tennis. The other 10 will be supposedly announced soon, with others added "regularly".

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These are of course all Nintendo games, suggesting that licensing negotiations are still ongoing for classics such as Final Fantasy and Double Dragon . For now, it's a package, you can not just buy Soccer and play it unless you opt for the full online experience.

The subscription of $ 20 a year will also be required from September for online games. It might be a bit much to ask if you do not play a lot of Splatoon or Mario Kart 8 or are not so in NES retro games, but it is certainly cheaper than the competition.

If you want to talk with your friends while exchanging Zelda dungeons, you'll still need the smartphone app. Maybe a chat service will be announced another time.

Some technical notes: the subscription is linked to an account, not to the hardware, so if you and I shared a switch and I paid for the online look, you do not do not receive it when you connect. On the other hand, when I go to a friend 's house, I can connect to their device and use online services. There is an annual option of $ 35 that allows you to authorize up to 8 accounts, for families with multiple users.

The Switch Online service is not required for system upgrades or the purchase of online games or the like – just play online, play NES games and back up game backups.


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