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Nintendo will allow you to hack your lab creations thanks to the Toy Con Garage function

Nintendo really comes out with the Lab announcement last month. The cardboard kit uses the underlying technology of the Switch in an innovative way, allowing children to build a robot, fishing rods, pianos and more, using Joy-Con controllers on the console as brains.

At a launch event in New York today, the gaming giant offered a hands-on overview of the system, and revealed some unannounced features that will be available when kits are released. in April. The most compelling novelty is Toy Con Garage, a software feature that allows users to customize their lab creations with new features.

At a quick overview at today 's event, the company presented a simple interface that allows pollen to cross different parts of the kit to create unique creations At the basic level you can, for example, use Motorbike or Fishing Rod as a control for RC cars. The company has also shown an electric guitar, it builds using Piano software and some custom cardboard cutouts.

It is difficult to say precisely what control the company will give users on their creations. The software interface seems pretty basic, so this can be a pretty controlled environment. After all, Nintendo is infamous for keeping its grip on its IP and probably does not want people to build creations that go against that.

That said, if the company plays its cards well, Labo's Toy Con Garage could foster a vibrant community of online creators.