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Nokia Pilot Uses Blockchain to Improve Health Data Advantages

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Although technology improves access to health data, data is often not exploited to its full potential. about the authenticity of the data.

Nokia has partnered with OP Financial Group, a Finnish-based financial services group, to use blockchain technology to build confidence in health data management. According to a Nokia blog, the goal of the pilot project, which involves 100 people, is to provide individuals with more control over their personal health data.

Benefits of the Blockchain

Blockchain technology can empower people to control who they share their health data with. The blockchain registry is managed by parties that may have competing interests, which differs from centralized services such as Google, Facebook and Dropbox.

As part of the pilot project, all the data that a user wants to share are encrypted and can only be viewed by his participants. The data owner uses Nokia Steel HR to share their data and provide proof of the authenticity of the data.

Users share their data from portable Nokia devices and are rewarded for this. The daily activities of the participants are shared via the application, creating a private record on the blockchain. OP automatically rewards users with points based on the actions they have taken regarding their fitness goals.

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New Opportunities

The pilot project will shed light on the possibilities of incentive models such as smart health insurance and on supporting programs that promote healthy lifestyles.

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The project organizers believe that it will only be possible to provide reliable advice on health issues and derive useful information by building trust from users. The Nokia blockchain platform has been designed to solve these problems. Nokia believes that its collaboration with OP marks a milestone in the creation of a global ecosystem of digital health that will benefit individuals and society.

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