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Nomorobo burner and blocker calls targeting small businesses

How many 2.4 billion robocalls made in the United States each month do you get all day long? If you are busy managing your small business, one call is a call too. But there is of course a more sinister side of robotic calls that threaten small businesses.

The new partnership between Burner and Nomorobo aims to make robocalls a thing of the past – at least on your cell phone.

Burner announced that the Nomobrobo feature will be available to its customers at no additional cost. This includes free trial numbers and temporary credit-based lines, as well as automatically-renewing subscription lines.

Robocalls are more than just a nuisance for small businesses – or for someone else from elsewhere. They take valuable resources including time, money, human capital and more.

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) estimates the number of calls at 2.4 billion per month. And even though it's illegal and consumers and businesses put their numbers on a no-call list, there are many who do not respect the registry, so calls get through.

In addition to taking time, some automated calls have become a rogue tool – sometimes targeting small businesses directly. A recent scam in which callers have pretended to work with Google is only one example.

Burner users now get nomorobo mobile for free

Burner is one of the first apps created to give smartphone users the ability to create as many numbers as needed to protect their privacy. Burner numbers allow you to make voice calls, as well as SMS and MMS communications on your Android and iOS phones.

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As its name suggests, Nomorobo was created to get rid of robocalls, earning it a spot at the FTC Robocall Challenge in 2013. Its database of more than 560,000 spammers actually one of the most complete lists. By cutting these numbers, he is able to block calls from them.

Just enable the Nomorobo connection as any other toggle setting for your smartphone. For all new subscriptions, Burner activates it by default.

Burner is available with prepaid and subscription models, and Nomorobo provides a monthly or yearly subscription per device. Both platforms are available on Android and iOS.

Images: Nomorobo