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Nordea Bank bans workers from owning Bitcoin: Danish unions threaten to act

Danish finance and labor figures have threatened to sue Nordea Bank after announcing this week that she would ban her employees from owning Bitcoin by February 28th.

Addressing local radio station Danmarks Radio (DK), the President of the Danish Finance Federation, Kent Petersen, joined Niels Mosegaard, trade union adviser of DJØF Union, to convict Nordea.

Nordea is the largest bank in Scandinavia, which means that the legislation will ensure that 31,500 people will divest themselves of any participation or Bitcoin exhibition as of February 28th.

"We would consider it a crime" Petersen informed DK of the possibility of challenging employee rights violations in court. "After all, in Denmark there is still a degree of freedom to invest if it is not a risk for the company in which you work."

He adds that a lawsuit would be considered if a member of one or the other of the organizations was dismissed following the detention of Bitcoin after the 1st March. The majority of Nordea employees are members of one of the two unions, according to The Next Web

Nordea defended his decision. prevention of employee participation "criminal" or "contrary to ethics" participation in a "unregulated market".

Director of Media Stine Green Paulsen He was further in agreement with a Finans.dk conclusion that they could technically "buy as many bitcoins as they would wanted " before the deadline, adding however that " was not a recommendation. "

As a major operating area of ​​Nordea, Denmark has recently seen increasing hostility from regulatory circles towards Bitcoin.

Last month, the head of the Danish central bank warned users to "stay away" from cryptocurrency.]

At the same time, the takeover by Bitcoin Switzerland of a large Danish sports team means that the country now has a "Bitcoin Arena", while its players could become the first sports professionals to receive their salary in BTC.

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