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Now and Then: Business Traveler Experiences Today vs. 20 Years Ago

As an entrepreneur, I have to make a lot of trips, and over time, this gives you a lot of material to compare not only how things are done differently in different places, but also at different times. . And although 20 years do not seem so long, when you take all the gradual changes that took place during this time and look at how things were and how things are now, the scale of change is getting staggering.

Sometimes I feel too old to stay up to date: although I'm not strangers to technology, the eagerness and the naturalness with which millennia use the technology that replaces for me something that existed before is more than a little discordant. . Here are some of the most drastic changes in business travel from when I started doing it in the late 1990s.

1. Planning Your Itinerary

In the past, if you had no inviting side to make arrangements for your stay at destination, that meant either a lot of expensive calls made in advance or a frantic race for arrange everything once you have arrived. Booking hotel rooms, renting a car, finding a place to keep your luggage – all this took hours to organize, turning every trip into a challenge that you were not very eager to face. .

Today, you have applications to book hotel rooms, rent cars, store your luggage, find the best time to travel and everything you need to make your trip a little cheaper , easy and comfortable.

2. Sailing

If you have not tried to find your way in an unknown city (better yet, a foreign language you do not understand) using only a printed map and a phrasebook, you do not know the way sense of suffering. Of course, he has turned each incursion into an unknown territory into an adventure, but, frankly speaking, adventure is the last thing in mind when you have a job to do and a limited time to finish it.

Today, this problem is mainly eliminated through the use of GPS and navigation applications.

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3. Bleisure Culture

This is something that is particularly difficult to grasp for the older generation of entrepreneurs who have a habit of clearly delineating their professional and personal lives. Of course, there was nothing unusual about doing some sightseeing or engaging in interesting local activities during a business trip, but for millennia, the border between business and leisure seems to be increasingly blurred. ]

Today, business trips are often extended to include entire days of recreational experiences, and no one sees it as unusual – which is hard to swallow for those of you. 39 between us who are used to taking the plane, to do business as quickly as possible. a return flight on the same day.

4. Greater flexibility

At the time, your options were rather standard and limited when you went there, whatever you do. If you needed a place to stay, you had to book a hotel. If you wanted transportation to your destination, you booked a car.

Today, you are much freer about your choice. You are free to use Airbnb to find places to stay, services like Uber can help you move to an unknown city without bothering to take care of a car, etc.


Overall, technology has completely changed the face of business travel in as little as two decades – and one can only wonder how much it will be another twenty years later.

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