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Now Over 120 Cryptocurrency Hedge Funds

The explosive growth of cryptocurrency values ​​has drawn some of the world's largest players to investment – the managers of hedge funds. In the last six months, the number of crypto hedge funds has exploded, rising from around 70 in August to more than 120 by the end of October.

In the past year alone, according to CNBC, more than 90 cryptocurrency funds have been launched, bringing the net total to 124. These funds have more than $ 2.3 billion under management, and a third of the total uses venture capital type investment strategies. is the $ 500 million fund launched by Galaxy Investment Partners founder Michael Novogratz. The famous investor has publicly shared his opinion that a lot of money can be done with digital currencies, even if the market moves.

More to come

This explosion of encryption funds may be just the first steps, with the sudden increase of ICOs. Despite the recent closure of some markets such as China and tighter regulation in the United States, ICOs have continued their considerable advance

Many IFAs have now failed, or have lost some of their positive results initial. news, with Tezos being the first in the group. Nevertheless, the potential for substantial returns has prompted many investors to dig for the next digital gold mine.