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#NuggsforCarter may not win Wendy, but he did the story of Twitter

C is official: From May 9, 2017 In her quest for 18 million retweets Wendy's chicken nuggets, Reno, a native of Nevada Carter Wilkerson made the story of Twitter.

It all started when Wilkerson asked Wendy how many retweets would bring him a year's worth of chicken nuggets. Wendy answered with the astronomical number, and #NuggsforCarter became viral.

Wilkerson did not reach the 18 million Wendy originally said that he needed to get a year worth of chicken nuggets, but he beat the super popular Oscars selfie by Ellen DeGeneres. Apparently, it was enough for Wendy.

Realistic, he could probably never reach 18 million. But he did not stop trying.

At least he now has the most retweeted tweet of all time with them nuggs.

DeGeneres had held the record for most retweets of his 2014 Oscars selfie tweet with Jennifer Lawrence, Kevin Spacey, Bradley Cooper and other celebrities. With 3.2 million retweets, DeGeneres could be dethroned by Wilkerson.

And the DeGeneres record had previously been held by former President Barack Obama after his reelection in 2012, according to Guinness World Records. Wilkerson easily exceeded the number of Obama, who is still shy of 1 million retweets.

It is only in America that a tweet about chicken nuggets retains more attention from the masses than a presidential reelection. What time to be alive.

A few weeks ago, Wilkerson's tweet beat a popular tweet from Louis Tomlinson of One Direction, according to favstar.

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How did the teenager go so far? With the help of some people and top companies – many of whom jumped on #NuggsforCarter with support tweets and even some lucrative offers from them. Including:

The governor of Nevada.

A model of Victoria's Secret.

The co-star of Breaking Bad .

The world of technology.

Judgment set.

United Airlines.


Even all this will help, it is still far from those 18 million.

Still, Wendy's is rather impressed.

Cameron McGough is a student at the University of Kansas and a digital producer at USA TODAY College.