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Nvidia boosted by the latest Bitcoin High

Fifteen records for Bitcoin seems to have been a boon for GPU manufacturers as we enter a new week

Rivals Nvidia and AMD have had In recent months, successes in the stock market have been much better

A $ 2,000 increase in the value of Bitcoin in as many weeks has allowed Nvidia to benefit from the market. a 2% increase in its price. ]

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Extracting a Storm

As Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash and their many competitors gain in value, more and more people are looking to get into mining.

For the Amateur Miner , the easiest way to enter the mining industry buys and installs a fairly powerful graphics card.

For the more serious miner / busin essman, investing in the likes of Bitmain's Asic miner is a better option, but the layman will almost always buy a conventional GPU – for the benefit of Nvidia and AMD

Blockchain changes for Ethereum

Another determining factor is the recently announced upgrade of the Ethereum Blockchain. e co-founder Vitalik Buterin has outlined plans to address flaws, and scalability is high on the list.

These changes all require workers – so the need for GPUs will only increase which will be a boon to Nvidia and AMD in the next few years

Addressing at Nasdaq, RBC Capital's Mitch Steves says the continued development of Blockchain technology will have a positive impact on investor sentiment in this sector.

-Faceted question; However, we think investors are beginning to realize the value that crypto-currencies offer. The "cat is out of the bag" so to speak and we would not be surprised to see more and more institutional money and wealthy individuals investing in this fast growing space (now a $ 300 + market on a diluted base). The Lightning Network for Bitcoin has made significant progress, the software development team is working on ring signatures for confidential transactions and the Metropolis update for Ethereum has been viewed as a trusted booster. Overall, technology is growing at a rapid pace, combined with increased institutional interest, which is likely to increase prices. "

Secret Symbol № 7: What is it?

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