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NYA Signing Bitso: SegWit2x Split Channel, "Not a Blockchain Upgrade"

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Another signatory of the New York Accord ( NYA) is having doubts about SegWit2x.

Daniel Vogel, co-founder and chairman of the Mexican Bitcoin Bitso Scholarship, sent an email to the SegWit2x mailing list on Thursday, expressing his reluctance with regard to the upcoming launch scheduled in two weeks. Vogel's main concern is that, although the SegWit2x code is written as an upgrade, the hard range is actually a blockchain split.

"I invite everyone to rethink the S2X code from a technical point of view.The code base was written as an upgrade to Bitcoin.I believe that there is sufficient hard data to clearly indicate that S2X is no longer an update. "

He noted that although the majority of the hashrate continues to report the hard range, several pools either withdrew the support or refused to support it in the first place and others were reluctant to exploit the SegWit2x block chain. "When should we stop and rethink?", He asked. "When you get less than 50% hash power?"

He also pointed out the fact that no bitcoin liquidity provider – bitcoin exchanges, for example – have stated that they would abandon the blockchain in place, which happens when a hard fork is really a blockchain upgrade.

I finally think that it is about users. We had ZERO users asking us to maintain support for the pre-Byzantium chain [ethereum] dead now, "a hard fork that took place last month." We have tons of users asking us to retain support for their "basic" BTC. "

Vogel says that Bitso signed the NYA to help activate SegWit but that the agreement failed in its attempt to build a consensus around SegWit2x.

"What is important is that NYA has failed to bring the community together and provide a safe mechanism to improve Bitcoin as it intended to do," he added. I certainly did not accept it to further divide and cause chaos, which the NYA has achieved. "

Bitso is not the first signatory of the NYA to revoke his support for the deal. Although SegWit2x project manager Mike Belshe said "Things are fine" before the planned forklift activation date, a growing list of companies – as well as the F2Pool mining pool – have reversed their Support for the difficult range for various reasons. from a lack of replay protection to a lack of support from their most active customers and Bitcoin developers.

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"This is not a blockchain update," Vogel concluded at the end of his email. "It's a chain division and we are failing to address the legitimate security concerns for users of this network."

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