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Peloton Acquires the Music Startup Neurotic Media

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Platoon, the unicorn spin (and now treadmill) company that allows users to work via livestreamed classes, announced today its first acquisition. The company has acquired Neurotic Media, a service for aggregating and distributing B2B music.

Neurotic Media, based in Atlanta, was founded in 2001 by Shachar "Shac" Oren, who will become vice-president of Peloton under the direction of Paul DeGooyer, musical director of Peloton. The entire team and offices of Neurotic Media will remain in Atlanta and continue as a stand-alone subsidiary serving third-party clients.

Neurotic Media is a white label distribution and marketing platform that helps brands influence and attract customers through popular music. Essentially, the company connects a brand with a song or popular songs that fit the mission of their brand.

The idea here is that music is an integral part of the workout. Given that Peloton focuses on bringing a high quality workout into the comfort of a user's home (or one of his studios), music plays a big role. But we do not play often in the music industry without 1. experience or 2. a lot of money. While Peloton has a lot of money to distribute, Neurotic brings nearly two decades of experience in Peloton 's portfolio.

Here is what DeGooyer had to say in a prepared statement:

Our members have adopted music as a central element of the Peloton experience and have consistently ranked it among the best aspects of the brand. The addition of Shac and his incredible team to the Peloton family will help us quickly roll out new musical features that our members want, as well as unique innovations that we think they'll love.

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Peloton moved recently. The company has launched an extended iOS app called Digital Peloton, and has announced plans to expand to the UK and Canada starting in the fall. In addition, Peloton opened a new Tread studio in New York, with the intention of opening a huge multi-studio studio in the West Side of Manhattan next year.

Peloton was founded in 2012 and raised a total of $ 444.7 million. The terms of the agreement have not been disclosed.


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