Pokémon GO-Inspired SUBAJ Mobile App Redefines Shopping Experience

Pokémon-GO-Inspired-SUBAJ-Mobile-App-Redefines-Shopping-Experience.jpSUBAJ platform is a mutual benefit marketplace for merchants and customers. While the customer can now utilize their loyalty rewards across multiple merchants rendering more value to the reward program. SUBAJ brings the advantages of unique engagement techniques that keep the customers more informed about the deals and offers and the merchants get to send instant notifications based on real-time shopping behavior and demography of the customers.

Does it excite you? If this was not enough, SUBAJ integrated the Pokémon Go inspired social gamification to reach millions of customers over the global network and bring in unabated engagement.
Social gamification offers a fun and strategy based engagement model for the merchants. Incorporating the fundamental of Pokémon Go gamification SUBAJ platform ensures the merchants get excess to an unpaid marketing and advertising channel.
Reward triggering
Nothing can beat the strategy of offering rewards to garner more engagement. One of the reasons SUBAJ merchants are expected to take off with social gamification is by offering the customers who have earned a specific level of native or SUBAJ token a hot offer like free shipping for a fixed duration of time. These rewards are an impactful part of social gamification and make shopping more fun for users.
Limited time offers
The social gamification element of the SUBAJ platform is driven by time factor making it more exciting and create a sense of urgency among the customers that they will lose a potential offer if they do not act within the time window. Urgency works as a motivator for more engagement.

Point accomplishments
As humans, we have always loved accruing points. Over SUBAJ platform where a customer is aware that when he or she acquires so many points, he can avail a particular offer, he will try to be more aggressively engaged in the gamification the point and reward system brings to them. As the points earned from one merchant can be used to avail the offers by another merchant, the SUBAJ platform’s social gamification is even more worth to engage in.
Gamified spirit of shopping
The sense of urgency created by the basics of social gamification brings merchants a higher level of engagement without too much effort on paid marketing and advertising. With SUBAJ any merchant or retailer can be utilized the significant potential of social gamification.
Clubbed with GeoDrops and AR
The Pokémon Go inspired Mobile App of SUBAJ allows merchants to drop rewards and offers based on the location of the customers. If they are traveling to the location of merchant or driving by, an augmented reality-based screen will pop up on their mobile screen where they will get to know the offer, merchant detail and the time till which the offer is valid.
To conclude
SUBAJ platform brings the different aspects of ultra-modern technology like social gamification, Augmented reality and Geo Drop together to build a platform that is for the mutual benefit of both the merchants and the customers. The social gamification brings an element of excitement to the global marketplace powered by blockchain.


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