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Philips launches Hue lighting connected to the outside

Philips Hue products go out. Available for purchase this summer in the United States, the lighting company offers a range of new outdoor lighting products that extend the world of the Internet of Things outdoors.

These products mark a significant change for the world of the Internet of Things. With the increase of WiFi range and consumer demand, such products will become more available. Soon, consumers are expecting to talk to products on the outside as they would do it indoors. I do. Last summer, I added an Echo Dot for outdoor use and connected it to a small amp that powers some outdoor speakers. He has weeded the garden much more pleasant.

Like their domestic counterparts, these Hue products are a bit expensive, but offer a range of features that are not available on traditional lighting products. Once connected to a standard Philips Hue hub, the lights can be controlled via the Hue application or a voice assistant.

The new range includes a standard weatherproof bulb for $ 29.99, wall lamps starting at $ 49 and several color changing models. The Philips Hue Lily projector costs $ 270 and comes with three lights, while the Calla is $ 129 and is designed to brighten up the paths – both have access to 16 million different colors.