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Pinterest brings a new head of business and business development

Pinterest today announced the hiring of a new head of business and business development, which has led former Facebooker Gary Johnson to continue his expansion .

The rental comes at a time when Pinterest recently saw its president, Tim Kendall, leave to start his own business. While Pinterest seeks to attract the attention of advertisers, it needs to recruit people capable of dealing with potential partners, as well as new business opportunities that Pinterest can develop (or acquire). This is going to be critical because the company is positioning itself as a competent company in visual research and out of experimental advertising budgets.

Johnson was the director of Facebook's business development, and previously worked for Credit Suisse and Apple in a number of operations and development positions. With a history as Vice President at Credit Suisse, and the development of the company on Facebook, Johnson will bring a lot of experience to the company that seeks to grow at the same time. international scale and continues to sell as a major potential advertising product. This means that you have to deal with a new list of partners – who may have different needs or demands – from abroad and try to identify spots on Pinterest that make sense for the company. 39; expansion.

Pinterest has been somewhat acquisitive, although there has not been anything particularly splashy (apart from Jelly, which may seem more of a name than n '# 39; anything). He has acquired a number of teams, like those behind Highlight and Shorts, and also last year took over Instapaper, which continues to live in the App Store. But his new place where he wants to expand, the visual search, may find some of his origins in the acquisition of VisualGraph in 2014.

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Pinterest received additional funding, raising $ 150 million more early in the year at a valuation of $ 12.3 billion. The company now has more than 200 million users and, as it seeks to manufacture more products like its lens camera research product, it must find a unique way to tell its story to potential partners that differ from Facebook or Google. dominate the awareness slots and intention of the online advertising ecosystem.