Platform Plans to Unite Global Karate Community by Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

The World BoutsPro Karate Organization aims to bring together an estimated community of 190 million of karate using Blockchain. As there are so many different styles of karate, there are many different organizations (like ITKF, WKF and WFF) that oversee tournaments and standings. The BoutsPro white paper describes how to collect all the elements requires a solid fund management system that can generate revenue from multiple sources, for example, sponsorships and advertisements.

The company emphasizes how teaching karate differs like football, where players can start and grow without the need for direct contact with a coach; Karate students need an expert to guide them personally from the beginning, both physically and mentally. So now, thanks to the use of Blockchain and cryptocurrency, BoutsPro claims to have found a way to effectively manage these important relationships around the world. /uploads/view/5fab11169161edde191ee750142b21d7.jpg "title =" BountsPro "/>

The white paper explains that by implementing Blockchain, it will enable" the management of trust and efficiency on the They also say that it will be attractive for companies that are not yet involved in karate, as well as for those already invested or involved in sponsoring this sport. "Legends hope to use cryptocurrency to" transform traditional karate in professional karate, "thus enhancing the profile of the ancient martial art.

As a result, BoutsPro launched its own crypto token (BUTS, type ERC20) based on Ethereum Blockchain technology (1 ETH = 9000 BITS.) ICO started on March 11 (no sale in presale or private – the team would like to point out that it puts the emphasis on equal opportunity) and will continue until March 25. [1 9459004]

There are many ways for holders to use their tokens. The centralized BoutsPro portal will provide users with a wealth of information on karate, such as ranking and tournament information, as well as training tips. Tickets for events can also be purchased online using BOUTS. Clubs and private teams (to participate in the World Professional Karate League) will be franchised and sold on the revenue sharing module.

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Other Developments Include BoutsPro TV (in partnership with QuickMedia and Pozetta Broadcasters) which offers live and on-demand streaming services for users.Later, in 2018, they are preparing to enter the film production Inspired by the success of the games. martial arts such as "Karate Kid", BoutsPro hopes to produce "a world-class karate-based film, per year." Users can also trade in BITS to participate in the dedicated online gaming platform, which aims to "Providing healthy entertainment and educating karate basics to ordinary people and athletes." Lastly, BoutsPro plans to create world-class dojo stages around the world for their members, as well as launching the world's best. specialized sports insurance for BoutsPro athletes.

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