Platform Starts Trading Service For Self Mining Smart Contract

On Jan. 22, Artemine Token (ARTE), released the Genesis Addresses Trading website, which was published in the 2017 ICO Roadmap in Autumn 2017. The team references the token of the version 2.0 of Minereum, which is known in the crypto community for its concept the first self-mining smart contract. Genius Addresses via the Ethereum Blockchain.

A billion dollar market?

Earlier Artemine introduced unrestricted access to public mining, it allows The team expressed their belief that the trading of Genesis Addresses can become a billion dollar marketplace.

The team stated: "Once people start seeing the benefits of self-mining, we can expect to see you in the world. Addresses to become a more important factor. Possibly reaching a $ 1 billion market in a distant future. "

What are Genesis Addresses?

Genesis Addresses are part of the initial supply of Artemine during their ICO. These addresses have been assigned to a certain amount of money that will be self-mined for a specific amount of time. They are the only addresses generating the circulating supply of Artemine.

In a recent statement, the team announced via Twitter that 2,898 Genesis Addresses were generated during the ICO and no longer will be created, adding that it is impossible

According to the project's white paper, the mining rate of each Genesis Address is 0.000001 percent of the total amount of ARTE, per Ethereum block. This means that the mining of each of these compounds will be exactly the same. Ethereum blocks which in the field of 60 years' worth of mining, depending on the Ethereum network performed.

As the team reported recently in their announcement, the trade of Genesis Addresses is totally decentralized. The sellers simply set an Ether buy price on the address by the smart contract function "SetGenesisBuyPrice." Once the price is set it all takes place for a buyer to call the Smart Contract function "BuyGenesis" and voila The trading is done totally decentralized with the third party. The next steps

The Artemine project closed on October 14th. Quite consistently, releasing the Genesis Addresses Trading website in January 2018.

As reported by the team, the ICO Factory will be an update to the already existing Minereum Token ICO Smart Contract.

Artemine (ARTE) is currently trading on the exchanges and has been reported in their websites.

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