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POLL – Do you have professional liability insurance?

Do you have professional liability insurance? Why or why or not?

It is true that your business can still be quite small. And maybe you're not even clear on what exactly is the insurance of corporate responsibility – and what it covers.

So, what is commercial liability insurance?

Well, basically, it's an insurance that protects you and your employees against claims for personal injury or bodily injury or property damage brought by another company or individual.

What are the simple examples?

Well, suppose that a customer visits your office. Your employee leaves a piece of equipment in the middle of the office and your client moves and falls.

Or assume that you or your employees are in your client's office working on the computer system and you accidentally delete critical business data that has not been protected.

Suppose a member of your team operates a personal website and creates messages defaming an important customer online – triggering a lawsuit against your company?

Still thinking that you do not need professional liability insurance? Anyway, we would always like to know.

Do you have professional liability insurance?

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