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Prediction: Digital advertising is moving away from television on a global scale

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Forecaster Zenith is forecasting global advertising spend of $ 187 billion this year. Digital is expected to reach last year, according to the agency, the digital surpassed the television advertising for the first time.

Assuming there is no recession or economic slowdown, motivated by uncertainty or trade wars, Zenith argues that global advertising spend will increase by $ 77 billion (between 2017 and 2020). This growth will be led by the United States and China.

Mobile will be the largest contributor to advertising revenue growth, with TV a distant second. During the forecast period, research will be the dominant channel, followed by social and video.

In 2020, digital will represent 44.6% of total advertising expenditure, followed by television with 31.2%. Everything else is far behind.

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These figures are derived from a number of other estimates and therefore represent a kind of industrial consensus. Without a doubt, the specific numbers are off, but they are likely to be directionally correct.

Zenith recognizes "the worries of global advertisers about the effectiveness of certain investments in digital media and the security of the digital environment." However, the agency claims that she has "found no evidence that advertisers as a whole are away from online advertising. "


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