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Presentation of caviar – the innovative retroactive token based on the blockchain

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Real estate is a huge $ 217 trillion sector that has little or no share in the ever-growing crypto market. Caviar is one of the first companies to realize this gap and has developed a dual-purpose platform that has a token backed by real estate projects and a platform crowdfunding real estate, all rolled into one.

The team responsible for the creation of Caviar is Caviar Capital a firm that has managed with Successful multi million dollar real estate projects in the past with positive results. They believe that investment in cryptocurrency is too volatile and many people realize that it is not supported by anything concrete. Thus, their solution is to introduce a new cryptocurrency and a new platform that will invest not only in the volatile market of cryptography, but also in real estate assets in the US real estate market.

Minimizing the risks of the crypto-market with the stability of the real estate market seems to be the objective of the platform, as well as the fundraising for new real estate projects. In the past, Caviar Capital has performed well with real estate projects with an average IRR of 16% and a default rate of 0%, with even late payments of 0% in their latest redevelopment projects. Caviar's success in real estate is proven, but let's take a look at the dynamics and philosophy of their piece.

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The technician behind the platform

The platform Caviar is based on the Ethereum token ERC-20. The platform itself is based around their intelligent predictive model (IPM). The IPM is a smart predictive model based on Machine Learning technology for short and long-term price forecasting purposes. This allows the system to have a more efficient asset allocation using a mix of qualitative and quantitative measures. All data is collected in real time automatically and judgments are entered into the system.

High Returns and Diversified Investments

Given that assets are on both crypto and real estate markets, investors can expect better returns from their investment in the platform while being protected from debt. 39, a significant part of the cryptocurrency market instability. Traditional investors can also benefit from the diversified portfolio that is normally very difficult to realize in the real estate market with smaller investments, due to the high cost of purchase.

Caviar ICO

Caviar launches a crowdfunding campaign from November 28, 2017. The goal of funding is $ 25 million and the absolute ceiling is set at 375 million tokens. The main ICO will begin from 12 December 2017 and will last until January 31, 2018 .

80% of funds raised from ICO will be directly invested in the Caviar platform and its intelligent decision-making. 10% will be used to cover the administrative costs, 5% will go to the development of the technology of the platform and the remaining 5% will be allocated to a reserve fund.

To learn more about Caviar, visit the official website –

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