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Price Analysis, December 09: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, Litecoin, Dash

The opinions and opinions expressed herein are those of the authors / contributors and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Every investment and business transaction is risky, you should conduct your own research by making a decision.

Bitcoin is on the verge of mass adoption, with the futures trading starting on the CBOE starting at 6 pm ET on Sunday and the CME of December 18 . After the buying frenzy of recent days, the question in the minds of everyone is whether trading futures will increase prices or whether short sellers will benefit from lower prices.

This is an unprecedented event; therefore, it is very difficult to predict the end result. Nevertheless, volatility should remain high during the early hours and early days of futures trading, as bulls and orcas struggle at CBOE

While intraday traders can take advantage of the opportunity to profit from volatility, it will be a difficult time for investors

Moreover, how will trading in Bitcoin affect altcoins? Will it be bullish or will bitcoin attract all attention?

We will get the answers next week. Until I get a clear picture, I will not recommend any commercial position at the moment.


The momentum of Bitcoin broke through the critical levels of Fibonacci resistance. It peaked at $ 17,237.44, well above levels where I had advocated booking profits in my previous analysis.

<img alt=" BTC "src =" "title =" BTC "/>

After three days of great distribution I believe that the first hours of futures trading are likely to be very volatile, it is difficult to predict, how prices will evolve.

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On the downside, the support is at 12734 , $ 97 and $ 11,344.15, which are 38.2% and 50% of the Fibonacci retracement levels of the rally from $ 5450.86 to $ 17,227.44 .By rising, if the price reaches new heights, its level next resistance is the Fibonacci extension level of $ 18281.68

These levels are just guidelines: tomorrow, Bitcoin can easily break them down or break them down. exchange with caution.I recommend staying on the sidelines for the xt few days, unless one is an intraduct trader aday experienced.


Ethereum has consolidated between $ 390 and $ 480 since its exit from the ascending triangle.

<img alt=" ETH "src =" "title =" ETH "/>

For the Second Time, The dollars played a significant supporting role in December 2007. As investors fail to bring their digital currency down to less than $ 390, bulls will try a break above 480. If successful, Ethereum should quickly approaching $ 652.

On the other hand, if cryptocurrency declines below support levels of $ 390, the bullish view and higher trend targets will be invalidated; traders can keep their stop-loss slightly below $ 390.


Yesterday, Bitcoin Cash plunged below our stop loss levels, so I will consider the position as closed, but the decline has turned out to be temporary, prices are recovering Quickly

<img alt=" BTC "src =" 56f757c8c254f29623b0624.png "title =" BTC "/>

Bitcoin Cash became range-bound between $ 1129.33 at the lower end and $ 1758.4 at the higher end. At current levels, it's right in the middle of the range

I suggest buying on a break above the $ 1760 levels or expect a drop towards $ 1129 to initiate new positions

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the break in the range has a goal of $ 2387, beyond which a new test is possible. On the other hand, if the digital currency drops to $ 1129, it benefits from a $ 1,000 SMA 50-day support. If this level breaks, a drop to $ 854 is also possible


The fall of December 6 broke my stop loss threshold of $ 0.218. However, Ripple found support at levels of $ 0.20 and rebounded sharply again.

<img alt=" XRP "src =" "title =" XRP "/>

The virtual currency has formed a large ascending triangle, which will end on a break of $ 0.3 In contrast, the trend line of the triangle is likely to act as a solid support.

Ripple will become negative only on a fall below this trend line.Before this, a rally at $ 0.30 is on the cards

Due to the volatility inside the triangle, the best place to buy is close the support of trend line or on a break above overhead resistance.


Litecoin fell to the 20-day EMA, as I m 39

<img alt=" LTC "src =" beb 179ee.png "title =" LTC "/>

The breakout in the chain had a target of $ 154, and Litecoin was $ 157.36. As the price has reached its target goal, partial profits can be accounted for at current levels.

I expect a few days of consolidation after which the bulls will try to resume the uptrend once more. The next upward target can only be extrapolated after consolidation.

The virtual currency should find support at $ 140.22 and $ 129,612, or 23.6% and 38.2% of the Fibonacci retracement levels of the current rally.

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Dash fell to the 20-day EMA yesterday, where the purchase emerged, pushing it back into the ascending channel.

<img alt=" DASH "src =" "title =" DASH "/>

I m expect the digital currency to hit the highs again at $ 815. of this air resistance, we could see a rally towards the resistance line of the ascending channel.

Dash will become negative only on a fall below the levels of $ 640.

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