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Price Analysis, Jan. 10: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, IOTA, Litecoin, NEM, Cardano

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The opinions and opinions expressed herein are solely those of the authors / contributors and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Every movement of investment and trading involves risks; you should do your own research by making a decision.

On January 9th, photography giant Kodak announced the launch of its KodakCoin cryptocurrency scheduled for the end of the month. This news has resulted in a surge in Kodak stock prices. Still, it is unpredictable if it will boost the company's capitalization, but at least the company has quickly embraced the technology of the future.

The jump in Kodak stock prices indicates that the craze for crypto would even contaminate traditional investors. Over the last few days, they have accumulated the shares of companies that have connected to Blockchain or cryptocurrency.

Jamie Dimon, CEO of JPMorgan Chase, in a recent exclusive interview with Fox Business, said he regretted having called Bitcoin. fraud.

As traders, our interest is to buy the cryptocurrencies that will offer us maximum profits. Let's see if we can find buying configurations.


On January 8, although the bulls bought the 50-day SMA fall, they could not capitalize on the gains. Recovery attempts met resistance to the downtrend line and the 20-day EMA. As a result, Bitcoin fell again to the 50-day SMA.

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<img alt=" BTC / USD "src =" "title =" BTC / USD "/> Bitcoin Is Currently Trading At Levels of critical support, where it benefits from the 50-day SMA support, the symmetrical triangle trend line support and the neck of the head and shoulders model.


But if the price falls in this critical zone, a fall to $ 8000 is likely, with a minor support at $ 10 705

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Our bearish view will be invalidated if the BTC / USD pair presents itself and exceeds the level of $ 17,200, but we think it's unlikely to happen.


Ethereum broke above the $ levels 1,310, which was the intended purpose as mentioned in our previous ana lysis.

<img alt=" ETH / USD "src =" "title =" ETH / USD "/> We believe that cryptocurrency will find it difficult to get out of the overhead area between $ 1,310 and $ 1,434, which means traders who have entered long positions can earn partial profits in this zone of resistance.

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a period of correction / consolidation for the next days

In a decline, the resistance line of the ascending channel will be the first support If this is the case, we can expect a few days

Yet, we can see a 20-day fall to the EMA if the bears manage to push back the prices in the canal


Bitcoin Cash continues to trade in the $ 2,291 – $ 2,770 range. attempted decomposition failed on January 8th.

<img alt=" BCH / USD "src =" https: / / "title =" BCH / USD "/> Currently, cryptocurrency has strong support for the purchase If the price comes out of the top of the range, it could rise to $ 3,249 above this level, it is also possible to retest the peaks


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] The next trend will start once the BCH / USD pair breaks up or breaks down, and the $ 2,000 to $ 2,291 downside is important because if it breaks, it drops to $ 1,733. and, subsequently, at $ 1,200 is likely.


We predicted a chu At $ 1.40 on Ripple on January 6 and today, January 10, the price hit a low of $ 1.61, which is close to our forecast levels

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<img alt=" ] XRP / USD "src =" "title =" XRP / USD "/> The bulls are trying to defend us the uptrend line and l 39; EMA at 20 days After a correction of more than 50% in a week, we could see an attempt to rebound, but we think that any recovery will face a strong resistance between $ 2.46 and $ 2.80


We are waiting a few days of action-related scope in the XRP / USD pair.


In the medium term, the IOTA is between $ 3.03 and $ 5.59, but in the short term it has risen from $ 3.03 to $ 4.34 . 005]

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<img alt=" IOT / USD "src =" "title =" IOT / USD "/> The lower end of the range has been in place for more than a month, therefore we expect the bulls to continue to defend this level and the cryptocurrency will gradually recover to $ 4.34 then $ 5.59

The IOTA / USD pair could turn bearish and slide to $ 1.70 if this level breaks, but this is rather unlikely.


Litecoin continues to negotiate inside the symmetrical triangle Trading is likely to be volatile until the price breaks down or breaks down.

<img alt=" LTC / USD " src = "" title = "LTC / USD" /> If the LTC / USD pair breaks down symmetrical triangle, it will become negative and slip to $ 175.

On the upside, bulls could face a strong resistance in the $ 280 – Zone $ 308. We do not find any trade patterns as long as the cryptocurrency is trading inside the triangle .


Although the bulls bought the stockings on January 8, the NEM pullback extended its decline towards support of the trend line.

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<img alt=" XEM / USD "src =" .png "title =" XEM / USD "/> We think the support area between the 20-day EMA and the trend line is likely to increase purchases.A rebound of these levels can not be ruled out.However, we do not expect a rally because the odds are that the pair XEM / USD will face a resistance to each rise.

We anticipate a range linked to NEM for the next days.


As expected more early, Cardano declined to 20-day EMA.With the autumn, he dropped more than 61.8% of the gains of the last stage of the rally from 0.00002539 to 0.00009180.

<img alt=" ADA / BTC "src =" "title =" ADA / BTC "/> We think the area between the trend line and the 20-day EMA is likely to act as a strong support.

A removal of support levels can not be excluded, however, positions must be initialized only on the bottom confirmation, because if the ADA / BTC pair fails, it may drop to 0, 00002539.

Market data is provided by TradingView.

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