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Price Analysis, October 25: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, Litecoin

The opinions and opinions expressed herein are those of the authors / contributors and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Every movement of investment and negotiation involves risks, you should conduct your own research by making a decision.

* BTC / USD, ETH / The USD and LTC / USD market data is provided by the HitBTC exchange .

In August, 2017 Bitcoin was split in two, which gave rise to the appearance of Bitcoin. Cash, and yesterday the network has experienced the second fork, Bitcoin Gold. Whether it's a benefit or a disadvantage for Bitcoin is under discussion. Both parties have their own explanations

However, as traders, we seek historical precedence and try to trade it

After the first fork, Bitcoin prices have took off, rallying August 2, the highest intraday of $ 4,975 on September 2. This is a 89.75% rally in a month

If history was repeated, the Bitcoin should reach $ 10,443 by November 24th. This figure seems a bit doubtful as most traders expect Bitcoin to fall now that the range has been completed. They expect money to go to altcoins. We have seen a spark in the last two days. However, this rally fizzled.

The rumor of Amazon accepting Bitcoin can it become a reality and give new impetus to cryptocurrency? We must wait and watch it.

However, what do the maps provide? Is it time to switch from Bitcoin to altcoins or Bitcoin will try to resume its rally? Let's find out.


We have not initiated any position on Bitcoin in recent days. Is it the right time to come back in the game?

 BTC "src =" "title =" BTC "/> In our previous analysis, we had planned Bitcoins today. Now, the digital currency has fallen to 5,356.95 dollars, where the purchase has emerged.As there are two essential supports - the trend line and the 20-day exponential moving average (EMA) - this may be a good entry </p>
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However, we want to buy upward and not downward, therefore, please, run long positions at $ 5,650

We do not expect a huge rally on the part of traders should record partial profits at $ 6,000 and lift the stops on the remaining positions to reach the breakeven point, if the cryptocurrency is recovering according to our expectations.

On the other hand, if Bitcoin turns around and tom be below $ 5,350, it can extend its fall to levels of $ 5,000 So, please, keep a stop loss of $ 5,300

The negative divergence on the RSI is a cause for concern. Therefore, we will keep the allocation size 50 percent below normal. This is a very risky business


Ethereum must have given some stomach burns to our readers. It went from $ 275 to almost $ 320, and we could not catch it.

 ETH "src =" "title =" ETH "/> </p>
<p dir= These Volatile Transactions Will Be Difficult to catch, sometimes support levels can break and other times, they can hold. Cryptocurrency has been falling for several days, therefore we

Nevertheless, after the fast rally , Ethereum gave up most of its gains and came back under the $ 300 levels.

Currently, digital currency is likely to rebound to deal with the 20-day resistance to EMA and at the SMA at 50 days, she becomes bullish only on a break and closes above $ 315 .For the moment, we do not see a reliable pattern.

The inconvenience , the trend line is a great support, which is likely to hold. But as the price is i lower than the moving averages, we do not counter it as a good level to initiate long positions

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That's why we do not recommend any exchange on Ethereum yet.


Bitcoin Cash is attracting buyers to current levels. There have been two attempts in the past three days to push the cryptocurrency higher.

 BCH "src =" "title =" BCH "/> However, the 20-day EMA's Proved to be a significant hurdle with each withdrawal: if the price manages to get out of the 20-day EMA, it is likely to rally to the 50-day SMA is at $ 414, just- above the upper limit of the range </p>
<p dir= However, the logical stop loss for this transaction is lower than the lower limit of the $ 280 range, which does not give us a 1% risk. : 1 Therefore, it does not seem like a good idea to trade

On the other hand, if the digital currency breaks down at the lower end of the range, it can go down at $ 190.


After a steady decline in levels of $ 0.3, Ripple is trying to maintain the levels waters of $ 0.18

 X "src =" "title =" X "/> As a result, the Cryptocurrency is back at the $ 0.2 mark. If Ripple falls below yesterday's low of $ 0.18211, he will resume his downtrend. The next stop should be $ 0.165, followed by a new test of $ 0.15 </p>
<p dir= On the other hand, any fallback attempt will face the sale to moving averages and to the downtrend line. The digital currency will only become positive after crossing the levels of $ 0.238

Currently, there is no bullish configuration. Therefore, we do not suggest any exchange on Ripple.

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Yesterday, Litecoin tried to get out of the overhead resistance of $ 58; however, the bears have pushed back into the range.

 LTC "src =" "title =" LTC "/> The digital currency is back in the range of 44 $ to 57.7 $ </p>
<p dir= Crypto-currency will only become bullish on a break and will close over the top range.Our target target is 71. The stop loss for the trade can be maintained at 51

On the contrary, if the bearers continue to beat the digital currency, they may fall to the lower end of the range at $ 44. Therefore, we recommend a purchase only after the bulls are able to push Litecoin out of this range.