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Prisma raises 4.5 million rounds of seeds, led by Kleiner Perkins

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Prisma, a startup in Berlin and San Francisco that relies heavily on GraphQL – the data query language originally developed by Facebook to facilitate communication between front-end code and application servers – lifted 4, $ 5 million.

Kleiner Perkins of Silicon Valley led the tour, with the participation of a number of angel investors, many of whom have deep roots in the developer and / or open source space, including Nick Schrock, one of the creators of GraphQL itself. ]

TechCrunch first learned about Kleiner's ongoing investment in Prisma (formerly Graphcool) in March, while the deal was not yet over. Johannes Schickling, co-founder and CEO of Prisma, confirmed this investment by explaining that the start-up was looking to attract investors and VCs from the west coast, rather than European investors, who "really understand the Open Source" . The offer must take a bottom-up approach to be adopted by the developer community.

To this end, Schickling tells me that Prisma himself has abandoned his narrower Backend-as-a-Service (BaaS) model to an Open Source model, with the basic offering dubbed "Prisma 1.0" . infrastructure component under an Open Source License Apache 2.

The company builds what it describes as the GraphQL data layer for all databases, recognizing that modern backends typically combine and connect to several specialized databases. , for example. Postgres, Elasticsearch, Redis, Neo4j etc. This requires a complex "mapping logic" to the underlying databases, which is precisely the uprising that Prisma is set to solve. Prisma wants you to access all your databases in a single GraphQL query.

Schickling says the new funding will be used to strengthen the team, including opening an office in San Francisco, in addition to its Berlin engineering base. On the product roadmap is support for more databases. Prisma is currently plugging into MySQL and Postgres, but plans to add the likes of MongoDB, Elastic and Cassandra.

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In addition to the open source open source product, Prisma Enterprise offers critical security workflows (compliance, access control, audit logging, etc.) and Prisma Cloud to enable teams to collaborate and collaborate. easily manage databases.
Other investors in Prisma include Robin Vasan (HashiCorp board member, Couchbase, InfluxData), John Komkov (Fathom Capital), Augusto Marietti (CEO Kong), Guillermo Rauch (CEO Zeit), Spencer Kimball (CEO CockroachDB), and Nicholas Dessaigne (CEO Algolia).