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Proactive Tips for Keeping Your Wallet Secure and Secure

Safety is a top priority at Blockchain. Our team has put in place various safeguards and we are committed to keeping the platform safe at all times. As unrestricted portfolios, it is equally important for us to explain the best practices that leave you confident about the security of the portfolios and fully controlling your funds. Thus, to further strengthen the resilience of your portfolio, novice and experienced users can use the following proactive security tips.

Complete all three levels in our Security Center.

Our Security Center is designed to address portfolio security in three easy steps. To make sure your wallet is properly protected, we strongly recommend that you complete all three levels and avoid skipping the steps.

Check your progress by logging in and going to the "Security Center" tab. It takes a few minutes to complete the three levels and go from Yellow to Green ] in no time!

Have strong passwords.

In general, it is recommended to use strong passwords in all your portfolios. A strong password is an essential first step to protect yourself from external attacks.

What is considered a strong password? This must be a word that contains letters, numbers, symbols, and must contain at least 16 characters. Sometimes this can be difficult to remember, so consider using a unique and personal passphrase, for example: [email protected]!

Not sure if you have a strong password? Last week's host John Oliver explains more in this video .

Configure two-factor authentication for the connection.

Two-factor authentication (also called 2FA or two-step verification) is a fantastic way to boost your security. Your choice of the 2FA method often comes back to preference, but we strongly recommend that you use a smartphone authentication application such as Google Authenticator by SMS.

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Aside from the inconvenience of SMS message delays, the risks of data interception and attempts at social engineering on the mobile operators are real. Using a method such as Google Authenticator mitigates these problems by generating secure and instant codes on multiple devices without being associated with a specific phone number.

If your mobile device is lost, you can still access your wallet by completing a 2FA reset .

Make sure your verified email address is properly secured.

If your verified email is not secure, it may pose an additional security risk for your wallet. With your Blockchain wallet, your e-mail address must also use a unique password of at least 16 characters, associated with Google Authenticator or a similar application for two-factor authentication. These extra layers create more protections for your wallet and make it more difficult for outsiders to access.

Store your wallet IDs securely (and never share them).

Your username and password are what you want connect . Sharing them with anyone is a major security risk, so keep them hidden safely for your eyes only (and be careful, change your password every 3-6 months)

You may not remember to reset your password? Set a recurring calendar reminder so you do not forget it!

Using these proactive safety tips that we have shared today, we hope you will feel confident in protecting your wallet and in maintaining total control of your funds. . Start with a free wallet by registering here .

Got questions? Our Support Center is filled with useful resources, but you can also reach out directly .

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