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Prohibit all crypto-dealers, the committee of India says to the government

India plans to ban the exchange of bitcoin and Chinese-style cryptocurrency according to local media

The Economic Times today names an unknown government "committee" for advising lawmakers to "close" merchants and other active "resellers" in Bitcoin and Altcoins.

No substantive reasoning was given for the recommendation of the committee, which is called Bitcoin. Hesham Reyman, CEO of India's Bitxoxo Exchange, told the publication that the government should focus on "reducing" cryptocurrency sales involving cash instead of looking

At the same time, Forbes India published this week a full report on its big partner, Zebpay, which currently adds twenty. 0,000 users at its trade platform based on the application each month.

The full regulation is several months in the research phase in India, a program in disagreement with the alleged wishes of the committee

In case of closure, buyers can still go to foreign markets, "said anonymous experts in the Economic Times, appearing confident that the cross-border alternative would be both easily accessible and without consequences for private traders

During a session questions and answers on Wednesday, BTCC chief executive, Bobby Lee, said that China should not allow trading to operate in the domestic market in the foreseeable future.