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Project areas, an unlimited VR world powered by a new generation Blockchain

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The premise that blockchain-based technologies and crypto-currencies are the key to revolutionizing not only the banking sector, but the entire global system of things is one that has validated these last time. Overall, rates of adoption and use of cryptocurrencies have soared to unprecedented highs in what many experts have described as the most disruptive financial event comparable to the 20th century Internet revolution .

In this dense ecosystem of crypto-currencies 3DCoin a relatively new, but innovative cryptocurrency, seeks to take the already dramatic definitions of innovation, creativity and functionality in the world. cryptocurrencies to a whole new level.

The Currency of the Future

3Dcoin is the Gateway to the Unlimited Universe of is a peer-to-peer (P2P) decentralized crypto-currency based on security and l & # 39; System integrity of Bitcoin and Dash source code paired with additional inherited features, including, but not limited to, conditional transactions / smart contracts, cryptic protocols, and intelligent scripts.

Blockchain as a secure frame

Districts is a decentralized platform operating on a bespoke blockchain A unique and highly efficient peer-to-peer network with an infrastructure amazing. Traditional application hosting methods require that these applications be exploited by a centralized server subject to downtime, intrusions, and service outages. However, on the peer-to-peer blockchain framework, the information is shared with a set of specified users (nodes) that hold a peer-authenticated copy of the specified information, thereby promoting redundancy. All district applications follow standard blockchain protocols and lack service downtime, malicious interference, fraud and much-feared internet censorship.

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A Wide Range of Possibilities

Districts The 3D world is comparable to the real world in several ramifications. For one, it is composed of real users like you and me, with a real world geography and presented in high definition. But perhaps the most intriguing aspect of the 3D Districts world is that users can interact with each other and with the surrounding environment in an almost realistic way. This fundamental characteristic means that real world events like shopping, sleeping, eating, playing intensive 3D games or even visiting a hospital can be undertaken in the Districts Ecosystem. The only significant dissimilarity between the real world and the Districts is that the traditional limitations to achieving stated goals indicate that the financial implications of building a megamall are set aside.

The future with the districts

Districts are not just another application of the Internet of Things based on blockchains; it's a comprehensive digital solution that aims to revolutionize the way basic and complex tasks are performed in real time. Its huge number of applications positions it as a major competitor for the next wave of disruptive innovation emerging from the blockchain technological sphere. To date, the project district has already completed the first round of the bonus campaign, which was by far a huge success. The second round is scheduled for October 15; it will soon be followed by an initial offer of parts on the first day of November. The culmination of all this will be the official launch of the Districts Megaproject.