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QuickBooks Accountant Apps Providing Small Businesses and Their Financial Advisers

The new version of Intuit's QuickBooks Accountant Apps program (NASDAQ: INTU) provides accountants with a platform to make the best-rated applications available to their clients.

QuickBooks Accounting Application Program

Accountants can now provision, purchase and manage applications recommended by professional accountants and fully compatible with the QuickBooks product suite. According to Intuit, the goal of this program is to make accountants more efficient by allowing them to recommend tailored solutions to their clients.

In many cases, these customers are small businesses that do their own accounting using applications such as QuickBooks. But these clients also need other applications and finding the right ones can be an exhaustive process.

In a press release, Rich Preece, Chief of the Intuit Accounting Segment, Small Business and Self Employed Group, explains how the program simplifies the selection, connection, and management of applications directly in QuickBooks Online Accountant.

"But more importantly, this new program helps accounting professionals become trusted advisors to their small businesses because they can easily recommend and implement applications that help their customers succeed." Mr Preece added.

The program

The applications of the program are selected to meet the needs of accounting professionals around the world, so that they vary by region and country. The first applications available in the program are Circulus, Expensify, Float, Method: CRM, Excel Transaction Import, ServiceM8, SOS Inventory and Tsheets by QuickBooks. These applications will all be accessible in QuickBooks Online Accountant from the Apps tab.

When accountants are ready to make a purchase on behalf of their clients, they get preferential prices. Intuit says that accountants will receive an invoice for all the apps they've provided throughout the month with a detailed report.

Benefits for Accountants

Many CPC companies are small operations that work with minimal or no staff. And for these companies, managing customers and determining which application they use or making recommendations takes a lot of time and effort. The QuickBooks accounting application program makes these two sets of data available quickly and easily all in one Quickbooks.

Quickbooks users in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada and Australia can expect the program to be launched in March.

Image: Intuit

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