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Quriobot provides custom robots for your company's website

Quriobot has just been launched to give website owners a new way to ask for feedback while helping visitors easily find what they're looking for. The application turns static web forms into an opportunity to have engaging conversations with your customers.

Chatbots support many conversations with site visitors. Quriobot takes advantage of this trend by offering businesses a better way to get feedback from their customers without the cost of call centers.

Small businesses, like their larger counterparts, want feedback from their customers about the products and services they provide. But until very recently, it meant hiring a call center or additional employees to get that kind of interaction with customers. Of course, it cost a lot of small businesses. Chatbot technology, including Quriobot, is now an affordable option for businesses of all sizes.

Accelerating Customer Engagement

Quriobot was designed to make the feedback process more engaging by having a conversation and improving the overall experience of the website.

Guy Kessels, one of the founders of Quriobot, said in the press release on the launch: "We are seeing so many companies trying to get returns and d & # 39; optimize the consumer experience, but too often boring forms. Not only are response rates falling, but customers are tired of them. And if your customers get tired of you, the experience will be damaged. So, instead of letting people check a box, let's talk friendly! "

Use Quriobot to build your own robots

With Quriobot, you can create bots so that you can have conversations that will provide you with more relevant information for your business. The data can be analyzed to obtain information about the product and the services you offer. It can then be used for everything from lead generation to improvements.

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Using one of the templates, you can optimize the bot to meet the specific needs of your business. This means that you can modify it as needed for a new product, a marketing campaign, a promotion or something else.

The bot can also be used to help your customers find products on your site with greater ease. Visitors can ask exactly what they are looking for, and the bot can find it. This not only makes visiting a customer fast and efficient, but it can also result in higher conversion rates.

Best of all, Quriobot gathers all the data of the interactions and allows you to know what the customers prefer as well as their concerns about your brand. According to the company, the data can be incorporated into daily operations immediately.

Learn more about pricing and availability

Quriobot is now in open beta and you can try it for free. The company says it's the full version of the application, so you can see what it can really do without limitations. The company has not said when it will come out of the beta, but when it does, there will be a free and paid version.

Image: Quriobot