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Rallyteam Raises $ 8.6 Million to Keep Employees in Business

How can companies prevent the best employees from leaving?

Money is a solution. A good business culture is another. But some people are dissatisfied with the skills acquired in their roles.

Rallyteam discovered that talented millennials often leave businesses because jobs are not difficult enough or lead them to their careers. The startup works with companies like eBay to maintain employee engagement.

And Rallyteam raises $ 8.6 million under the leadership of Norwest Venture Partners to fulfill its mission. Storm Ventures, Cornerstone OnDemand and Wilson Sonsini participate in the round.

Companies ask Rallyteam "how to place them in a second position within our own company," said co-founder and CEO David Somers. The startup works with companies with at least 5,000 employees.

Rallyteam has software that uses public data to create a profile about internal employees. Then he plays matchmaker, contacting people about job opportunities or special projects.

Somers said he's "trying to find someone with these talents with these skill sets who might be looking for a new challenge."

Christine Landon, Senior Director of Talent and Career Development at eBay, said, "Our partnership with Rallyteam allows us to create an internal talent market around the world. Experience Market allows our project managers to find the talent they need, while allowing our employees to use and develop their skills, which is a win for them and a win for eBay . "

Sean Jacobsohn, a partner at Norwest Venture Partners, said that he had invested because " Rallyteam solves one of the most important points of the company to a time when opportunities are unlimited. "

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Rallyteam is headquartered in San Francisco, with offices in Vancouver and Boulder, Colorado.

Hotel picture: Rallyteam