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Rare Bits launches a market for digital collectibles

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As we plunge into our disconcerting future, we think that at some point we will trade cryptographically secure kittens, monsters and playing cards. Although it's not clear why this will happen, Rare Bits and their new service, Fan Bits, is ready for the rush into the future.

Founded by Daniel Lee, a former employee of Zynga / FarmVille the company trades in digital goods. Lee enlisted a team of ex-Zynga and other digital platform creators to create a solution based on blockchain technology for the purchase and sale of digital collections. For example, on Rare Bits, you can buy this monster and fight it against other monsters in the Blockchain. In addition, with their new platform called Fan Bits, you can buy real collectibles that are related to the Blockchain. For example, you can sell trading cards and donate some of them to a charity. If the new owner resells these cards, a portion of the resale price will also go to charity, an interesting but slightly intrusive use of smart contracts.

The team raised $ 6 million in the A. Fan Bits series on May 17.

"To date, the collectible content has only been created by developers for their own dapps – which, I guess, could be considered our competition," Lee said. "Fan Bits is the first to let anyone, especially people who are not technical, create collectibles.This will create an abundance of supply that did not exist before."

"We launched Rare Bits to allow people to buy, sell and discover crypto assets We believe that blockchain assets mark a fundamental shift in the way we own and trade assets Our overall mission is to enable the global exchange of goods online and offline on the blockchain, "he said.

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Lee sees this as a Trojan horse, allowing non-tech-savvy creators to sell digital art and drawings online without having to understand the whims of the blockchain.

"For the creators, it's a DIY platform to turn their content into unique collectibles and earn Ethereum at every sale," he said. "For the first time, a creator can move from idea to cryptocollectible published in a live market without having to have technical knowledge."

Given the popularity of other digital collectibles – including gaming equipment for many multiplayer games – things seem to be very interesting over the next few years.