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Reading list: Al Keck, founder of the Infinity Nation

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Al Keck

"Reading List" is our occasional series where we ask e-commerce professionals to name some of their favorite books and blogs. For this slice, we corresponded with Al Keck, founder and general manager of Infinity Nation, a US based marketing and consulting company. Infinity Nation helps e-commerce businesses discover and implement new opportunities and growth strategies.

5 favorite books

Earning by Clive Woodward

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"Winning" tells an amazing journey to long-term success. Through their incredible attention to detail and their willingness to question everything, Woodward and his team of coaches revolutionized the management structures of the England rugby team and created a plan for a sustained victory.

Begins with Why by Simon Sinek

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begins with Why

It is common for business leaders to start with "what" and "how". What are we trying to achieve? How are we going to improve our operation? Sinek's book has taught me to think bigger. The most successful leaders, in all fields, focus on the "why". Why do what we do? Asking this question about yourself and your team can be really inspiring.

The autobiography: winning is not enough by Jackie Stewart

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Winning is not enough

Sir Jackie Stewart, one of the best racing drivers of all time, fought harder when he was against him – including on undiagnosed dyslexia – to become an international superstar on the track, not to mention of a successful business man. His book is authentically written in his own inimitable voice.

Best Dog: Impress and Influence Everyone You Meet by Andy Bounds

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Best Dog: Impression and Influence Everybody

It's easy to take communication for granted. This book explains how the unconscious signals we send can have unintended consequences. Changing even minor ways of interacting with other people can make you more impressive and persuasive. The book is vital for business and useful in other spheres of life, too.

Rich Dad, Poor Dad: What the Rich Teach Their Children About Money by Robert Kiyosaki

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Rich Daddy Poor Daddy

Our attitudes about money tend to be fixed fairly early in life. But they should not be. If you want your money to work for you, rather than being a slave of money worries, it is about changing your mindset, as this explains. book.

5 Favorite Blogs

Shopify's Blogs

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Shopify's Blogs

A look at the world of e-commerce, Shopify blogs are respected by people who know it. They offer a lot more than your standard retail parts and look down on things you thought you'd already worked on.

Trends of the Initiate

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Trends of the Initiate

Up-to-date and innovative, Insider Trends provides a breakdown of the latest developments in retail. It provides a good range of content. It's reliable and up to the minute.

10,000 Goldman Sachs Small Businesses

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10,000 Small Business Goldman Sachs

This course has revolutionized things for me. I stay in regular contact with other business owners I have met on this subject. As we all continue to grow – and learn more about our businesses – this forum has become an invaluable support network.

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There is so much interesting content that is published directly on LinkedIn now. Being connected is important. The Internet works best when it creates real online communities.

BBC News

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BBC News

The BBC is simply the best place for fast, unbiased and digestible news. This app is always open on my phone.