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Reasons You Shouldn’t Attempt To Install Your Roof By Yourself

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With the current increase in people’s ability to gather knowledge through the internet and the desire to drastically reduce the cost of roofing services. There is always an attempt to do the work of a professional, which is roof installation, with the belief that anyone can do it if he or she is bold enough. Listed and explained below are some reasons you shouldn’t consider attempt doing such.

Voiding the warranty

Roofing materials always come with enough guarantee to prevent you from losing your money to improper fixing, which damages the roofing material and the warranty on it. However, when it is detected that the installation was done by someone who is not a licensed roofing contractor, you stand the chance of losing everything. Aside from some roof inspection, which can be done without the assistance of an expert, it is never advisable for you to try installing a new roof all by yourself.

It is dangerous

Installing a roof has never been without danger. There are so many things that could go wrong while you are on the roof, and you can only protect yourself against them if you know them. Experienced roofers have all the necessary tools needed for successful roof installation that could prevent them from unanticipated dangers. They have also learned how to protect themselves while they are on the roof using some tactics you know nothing about as an amateur or a novice.


With a reputable roofing contractor, the chance of making a mistake during roof installation is slim, but when you decide to carry out the installation process by yourself, you could end up causing severe damages without being aware of it. Some mistakes might even go unnoticed until they result in issues such as a leaking roof or dangerous situation such as collapsing of a roof after you think the installation is complete.

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There is always a visible difference between the work of a professional and that of an amateur. They always appear more presentable than each other. When you decide to install your roof without the help of a professional, there is a high tendency that the final output would make it evident that you didn’t pay a professional to do the job for you. It would lack some finishing touches that only an expert can give your roof after installation. You might be able to fix the roof, but giving it beauty and durability might be extremely difficult for you.


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