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Refereum Helps Online Players Monetize and Reap Rewards

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Video game enthusiasts will soon reap significant rewards for playing and playing video games. Refereum, a new blockchain startup based in San Francisco, has quickly developed a dynamic among online gamers with the promise of directly connecting the parties involved to transform gambling marketing and engagement for all.

The international gaming space is one of the largest media markets in the world, posting revenues of over $ 100 billion a year, usd. For gaming studios and independent developers, marketing and discoverability have long played a major role for hopeful creators looking to ensure the success of their games. Unfathomable sums are being spent to market new titles, with some estimates placing marketing budgets for AAA games such as "Call of Duty" in the 9-digit range. However, money from inefficient campaigns or money in the wrong places can tank a game even before it is released, making it an unnecessary and ineffective expense.

Meanwhile, Internet personalities on YouTube and Twitch have found their calling by playing, editing and generating large amounts of content on behalf of the games that they love. The phenomenon "Let's Play" has recently evolved to be more popular than televised sport It has never been possible before for such contributors marketing budgets. It could soon change, if Refereum has its way.

Refereum is a technology company founded by veterans of the gaming industry with the goal of uniting content creators and marketers using the Ethereum blockchain. Refereum bypasses traditional advertising companies and other complex legislative or geopolitical restrictions to channel billions of advertising dollars into the hands of players and online gaming personalities.

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The Refereum team covers all of the game industry's perspectives from companies such as Zynga and Google. In addition to being an impressive team, Refereum is advised by the popular Twitch and Unity broadcast service, the world's most popular game development platform. Individual members of Refereum's core team have also recently made their own news. The intelligent contract engineer Oleksii Matiiasevych made the headlines in July after successfully recovering million dollars from hackers following the multi-exploit debacle -sig well publicized. In addition, Refereum is associated with Ambisafe, known for its high-level work with crypto-currency peers such as Tether, Chronobank, and more.

Refereum is currently preparing to host an ICO, which will begin November 13, 2017. It will sell 25,000,000 RFR utility chips at an initial rate of $ 1 per chip, with discounts for early adoption also available for interested contributors. Players, developers and blockchain enthusiasts are invited to subscribe to Refereum's newsletter at for all future news and announcements.