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Refrigerated deliveries mean that there are no more trips to the store (computer graphics)

So interesting that online shopping has now reached a point where 8 out of 10 Americans are now making regular online purchases, with 62% of those claiming to make at least one Internet purchase each week. The last decade has seen such a change in the way the public sees online shopping.

What was once relegated to buying books on Amazon or buying dietary supplements from questionable landing pages has now become a more convenient way to buy just about everything we use in our daily lives.

Wines, whoever? How about having these delivered directly to your door? Enter the refrigerated deliveries.

Refrigerated deliveries change the consumer landscape for the better

Everybody complains that they just do not have enough time in the day to do everything they have to do, and that they always find the time to go to the store before it closes at night.

Now, the arrival of chilled parcel deliveries means that the general public can buy anything but immortality from his smart device or his favorite personal computer, and in less time than he can. it is not necessary to get in the car. mall!

The infographic shown on this page details how the package management company, Parcel Pending, is changing the world of online retail by offering their chilled delivery service that completely eliminates the worry of ordering perishable products online such as groceries, prescriptions, alcohol, makeup, flowers for someone special (including mom!) and many more.

See this infographic:

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To recap …

The sky is the limit, and it seems that the public is in agreement, as detailed in the computer graphics. So interesting to see forecasts of how perishable delivery demands will explode in the coming years:

  • Up to 20% of all household grocery budgets will be spent online by 2025 (death of brick and mortar?)
  • The global pharmacy market will grow by 17.7% per year by 2025 (traditional pharmacies, as we know, will no longer exist to this day).
  • Flower stores will soon be filling more online orders than their store entrances, with an annual decline of 1.2% in admissions compared to the 2.5% growth recorded in online orders traditional flower shops will be replaced by distant greenhouses, no?)

Then there are the honorable mentions. Although no projection is made, it is interesting to see what people are buying and how much revenue has been removed from a job that was once reserved for traditional shop windows:

  • Food gifts, like boxed chocolates, currently represent an industry of $ 18 billion a year (I do not find it surprising, and do not like to receive a box of chocolates by the post?)
  • Apparently, there are just a lot of people buying wine online, worth billions of dollars in annual sales.
  • 54% of people (presumably mostly women) buy up to $ 4.3 billion worth of cosmetics online each year.

The numbers mentioned in computer graphics will only grow as refrigerated delivery services become more accessible in more and more remote areas. This raises an interesting dilemma for brick-and-mortar retailers, as they were once able to take advantage of scarcity by raising prices and taking advantage of hard times.

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Times are changing – the future is clear for consumers and doubtful for retailers of traditional shop windows

It is doubtful whether anything could stop this emerging trend because demand is there, and consumers are constantly looking for ways to free up their time and get out of the clutches of offline retailers and their hours of business. limited opening.

What the results of the "Pending Parcels" chart mean for consumers is increased convenience, and perhaps even more competitive prices, which equates to more savings on often expensive perishables. .

Traditional shop windows?

Competition forces you to adapt or die. If you sell perishable products and do not offer online sales and delivery, you have been warned. The future of the physical showcase has not been decided yet. However, consumers have made their preferences very clear – listen to them!