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Report Shows Cryptocurrency Exchanges Most DDoS Victims Around the World

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Digital Currency Traders and Bitcoin Exchanges Are the Most Common Targets for Denial of Service Attacks distributed (DDoS). . "Imperva Incapsula said that three out of four Bitcoin sites have suffered DDoS attacks in the third quarter of 2017. A DDoS attack occurs when multiple users flood the bandwidth or resource of a targeted system with traffic, thus prohibiting legitimate parties from accessing the site or the service.

<img alt=" DDoS victims "src =" http: //cointelegraph .com / storage / uploads / view / 858b9ab05697f81fc8abac0df5287737. png "title =" DDoS Victims "/>

This report also states that the reason behind the attacks is the phenomenal rise in the price of Bitcoin, which has increased

Part of the Report reads:

"[We] has seen attacks targeting a relatively high number of cryptocurrency trades and services.At the whole, more than 73 % of all Bitcoin sites using our services It's been under attack this quarter, making it one of the most targeted industries, despite its small size. size and web presenc Other highlights of the report

According to the report, other sectors such as Internet service providers and gaming operators and online games have also been affected by DDoS attacks. For DDoS attacks in network layer, the countries that have experienced the most attacks and the number of targets are the United States, China, Hong Kong and the Philippines

the countries And other developed countries with mature digital markets like Singapore, Japan and Australia.

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The report also asserted that the countries where the majority of botnet traffic originated were China, Turkey, and India. China has maintained its position of the main location of the attack devices with more than 40% of the total.


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