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Restaurant owners learn that 60% of consumers will judge food quality

Offering your customers the latest and fastest ways to pay or book a table is a big plus.

In fact, there are many emerging restaurant technology options for homeowners to offer their customers and help run their businesses more easily. But one factor overrides all – the quality of the food.

Statistics relating to the experience of the restoration

According to this new infographic from Toast, maker of plefi restaurants, 60% of respondents say that the quality of food is the most important part of their visit to a restaurant. All the bells and whistles in the world obviously can not replace an excellent steak cut or really fresh vegetables.

Although most people say that the quality of food is very important for a good dining experience, other factors clearly make your customers happier and ready to book their next visit .

Tablets at tables, for example, are important for enhancing the dining experience of a restaurant. The Toast data show that 61% of restaurant guests think that a pocket tablet can enhance their overall experience. Customers can use these tablets to keep in touch with your waiting staff, allowing them to order drinks or another appetizer or dessert without further distracting your servers.

And tablets help you too, the owner of the restaurant. In fact, 67% of restaurateurs say that these tablets also help improve their business operations.

Aside from tablet computers, 73% of customers said the Toast restaurant's technology allowed them to improve their dining experience. And 95 percent of restaurateurs say the same technology helps improve their business operations.

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Toast data show that this technology does not need to be special. Just the ability to share a check between guests is a big plus.

For example, according to Toast figures, 90% of customers will pay for a full meal if they can use a credit card. Expect more of a la carte situation – and lower checksums – if your guests are paying for money.

For more information on technology in the restaurant industry, check out the complete Toast infographic below.

Images: Toast