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Resy Deploys a New Suite of Tools for Restaurants

Resy launched in the summer of 2014 with a simple premise: If you want an upscale reservation at a restaurant on short notice, you should be able to pay for it. Four years and 160 markets later, Resy has changed a lot since then.

But today, the company is about to change things even more.

This morning, Resy announced a brand new suite of tools for restaurants, including a new inventory management system called ResyFly.

At the present time, restaurants have two options for inventory management for their bookings. They can choose a slot machine system, where guests are seated at 18h, 20h and 22h, or they can opt for a flexible system, where they take their reservations and set the night reservations according to what comes first .

Unfortunately, most restaurants have to choose between these two systems because there is no inventory management system that offers the ability to do both, according to Resy.

ResyFly uses Resy's data to determine the best way for restaurants to eliminate gaps in their inventory on a given night, taking into account the date, time, time and even time spent eating at a particular restaurant. The tool gives restaurants the opportunity to schedule different floor plans, booking grids and opening hours for special days like Valentine's Day.

Along with ResyFly, the company introduces Business Intelligence, a window to important information such as KPIs, revenue, and ratings with third-party information from platforms such as Foursquare embedded in point-of-sale software providers. sale.

But sometimes you want a direct return from the customer. To this end, Resy launches Resy Surveys, which gives the opportunity to a restaurant to send a personalized survey to customers about their experience. Resy also integrates with Upserve, giving Resy Restaurant partners an overview of their customers' preferences and favorite dishes, as well as information about table companions, booking frequency and historical expenses.

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And while Resy focuses on product improvement, the company also focuses on growth. That's why Resy announced the launch of Resy Global Service, which allows Resy to distribute inventory to partners like Airbnb. (It should be noted that Airbnb led Resy's $ 13 million financing round in 2017).

Finally, Resy is working on a new member loyalty program called Resy Select, which will be launched at the end of the month. Resy Select is an invitation program that gives restaurants information about the most hungry users of Resy and offers users benefits such as exclusive booking windows, a priority waiting list, discount tickets and more. Access and other exclusive experiences.

Resy delivers over one million bookings on the platform each week. The company no longer charges bookings for users, but instead bills restaurants by feature, instead of coverage, with three levels ranging from $ 189 / month to $ 899 / month. That said, the company is not yet self-service restaurant side, but the founder and CEO Ben Leventhal said that the team plans to introduce it in the future.

"The main challenge and the key opportunity is to do everything we can to make the right choices about what we build and the order in which we build it," Leventhal said. "Our goal is to stay focused on restaurants because much of the technology we build is built in collaboration with our catering partners."