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Retailers continue to see slow growth in October

The holiday season could not arrive soon enough for brick and mortar retailers in the United States. There could be an economic recovery coming, but small retail businesses in the United States. still to sit

Retail Performance Retail Pulse October 2017

According to RetailNext Retail Performance Pulse in October, sales of these retailers again decreased by 10.9%. The slowdown has been the largest in the last six months for retailers. The drop in sales even surpassed the mediocre figures in August for brick-and-mortar, when they saw a 9.5 percent drop in sales.

And compared to the same month in 2016, October sales were down 7.5%.

It's not just sales that plummet for retailers. Pedestrian traffic continues to decline as well. According to the Pulse, attendance at retail stores also declined 7.5% in October. Both declines may suggest that e-commerce is starting to trim brick and mortar sales more consistently.

The conversion was lifted

Looking for a brilliant picture or a silver lining of this report? People who go to the retail stores are more likely to buy something.

The conversion rose for the fourth month in a row and Shopper Yield soared. However, these figures were not sufficient to offset declines in the average value of transactions. The number of global transactions went from -6.0% in September to -7.5% in August.

Sales and Traffic

October had its best numbers at the beginning of the month. Sales and traffic peaked on the following Saturday, October 7. The average transaction value (ATV) had its best day at the beginning of the month and the numbers dropped after.

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Regional data highlight some disparities. The Midwest dominated the country in terms of sales, with South coming in second. The bad numbers in East and West have skewed the numbers and were responsible for the general gloom.

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