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Review: The Kube speaker is overpriced and disappointing

This enclosure is huge. It's the size of a cooler that a person would take in camping for a week. He weighs 48 pounds. And for a good reason too. The Kube speaker from Thomas and Darden is solid and full of power. The company says that it can emit 122 dB of sound. But this is not a good sound. That's the problem.

This is a massive speaker that gets very loud but does not sound good at any volume. This speaker costs $ 2,999. It's not worth half of that.

Let's start with good.

The speaker Kube has the impression that his price of several thousand dollars is worth it. It's as solid as a tank and it looks like it's up to the pool in a boutique hotel that I can not afford. I feel that I need to drink cocktails around her. The company says the speaker is certified at sea.

The center is flared in aluminum while the two ends are encased in a rubber soft to the touch. The handles are metal and the controls shine with a pleasant warmth.

There is a battery in the Kube speaker. The company says it can last 50 hours at a medium volume and charge USB devices. I did not test it.

Sufficient space between the two speakers is a storage compartment. The speakers themselves have only small speakers at each end. I guess it's convenient to use some of the huge speaker as storage space, but it would be better if this space was part of the speaker. The Kube could be as big as some auto subwoofer cases, but it does not act like one. And that's the problem.

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Here is the bad one.

The sound quality of the Kube speaker is average. It has the same audio fidelity of most wireless speakers with boring midrange, sharp highs and muted bass. At high volumes, mediums master everything, leaving a messy confusion without bass and treble. I want this $ 3,000 speaker, weighing 50 pounds, to beat. It sinks.

The company claims that the Kube speaker has 350 watts of a digital amp capable of producing sound at 122dB. I can attest to the volume. It becomes loud, but the sound quality deteriorates as the volume increases. A user who starts this speaker should not expect to have clear tunes.

Even though it's getting loud, it's not a speaker for a DJ. The stockings are pitiful and flat. Country music sounds best, followed by a little rock. Hip-hop and house music are painful at any volume.

I tried the speaker inside and out, in a small room and a big room and on my terrace outside. It gave better results in a smaller place, probably because the speakers mounted at each end, the smaller space provided walls for the sound to bounce off. On the outside, where the Kube speaker is supposed to excel, the audio was not focused and had to be turned very hard to compensate. I am sure my neighbors have liked it.

The audio is incredibly directional. Ignoring the left and right channels is difficult. The Kube speaker has trouble creating a coherent sound stage, although placing it in a smaller room helps.

The speaker sounds better with a 3.5mm direct connection, and Airplay sounds better than Bluetooth.

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With such power and a cost of $ 3,000, a reasonable person would expect the sound quality to be above average at low and high volumes. This is not the case, and the Kube speaker is a good reminder that high power does not always translate into high sound quality.

Sound is provided by two 3 × 5 speakers with small speakers. It's a pity too. The Kube speaker is huge, and most of the space is relegated to the rank of storage compartment instead of a set of drivers and empty space that could give the room his power to breathe and grow.

I asked the founder why he was making this product and he replied that there was nothing else on the market that offers the same kind of power with the ability storage. And I guess that's true. But if a person does not need a place to hold his Fiji vinyl record or water, other standalone speakers offer similar output power but with a quality sound. Marshall makes fantastic speakers that have air and sound. For the same $ 3,000 price as the Kube, Devialet sells the Phantom that offers rich tones in any volume, though, I suppose, you would not put a Phantom on the edge of a swimming pool.

Pass this enclosure. Here is the main problem: It does not do anything right. This is not a good speaker at low volume, it 's not a good speaker at high volume, and it' s stupid to spend $ 3,000 on a storage container. As a complete package, it is overvalued and there are countless other options for better sound at its price. If the speaker were available at a fraction of his $ 3,000 price, the sub-standard sound quality could be neglected. I simply can not recommend a speaker that costs so much and seems so inadequate.

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