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Ricoh Deploys Cloud Solutions for Small Businesses

The new portfolio of Cloud RICOH workflow solutions will enable small businesses to access an affordable subscription service to reduce manual processes.

RICOH (TYO: 7752) seeks to eliminate manual steps while reducing manual data entry and managing the interoperability of different systems. The company claims to create an environment that allows employees to work anywhere, anytime, and any way they want.

Eighty-four percent of small businesses use manual processes. While this may have been acceptable in the past, in the current digital ecosystem, it is extremely difficult to effectively run a business and be competitive.

One of the challenges is to create effective workflows for many different applications of a company as part of its operations. Here's what Glenn Laverty, Senior Vice President of Marketing for Ricoh Americas and President and CEO of Ricoh Canada, said in the press release.

Laverty stated that small businesses may not have the capacity or resources to effectively use the tools they have and to establish effective workflows from the different applications in place.

He added, "The RICOH cloud workflow solution portfolio provides tools for creating connectivity and developing automation that transform the MFP into a true productivity and collaboration hub, and the subscription-based model makes it affordable, scalable, and streamlined so that small businesses can make the most of it. "


Ricoh Cloud Workflow Solution Packages

The three subscription plans were designed to streamline common processes and help workers be more productive.

Cloud Connectors provides connectivity to a range of cloud-based applications with a scan-to-email feature with no configuration, mobile printing, and optical character recognition (OCR). 39, business, among others. With RICOH Integrated Cloud Environment packages, users can seamlessly connect to more than 20 different cloud applications.

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Workflows in the cloud give businesses that need specific tasks and advanced document processing the ability to quickly configure the workflow. RICOH smart integration workflows can be configured to generate multi-destination routing, automatic file and folder name creation for scans, QR code processing for analysis and routing in batches, and much more.

Cloud services can support complex requirements, including extracting content from documents with workflows and applications, integrating with cloud-based business applications and creating multiple data routes.

This means that you will be able to access the resources you need at any time without having to worry about on-site computing solutions and the challenges they present for small businesses. This includes security, which RICOH provides with a fully encrypted information transmission between one of its cloud servers or an external cloud service, with the user authentication required for them. multifunction printers (MFPs) and cloud services.

Advantages of Automation

The automation of your workflow will not solve all the problems that your business is facing, but what it will do, is to improve employee productivity so that they do not have to spend time on manual processes. This allows them to focus on tasks that help the business to grow.

The RICOH Cloud Workflow Solutions portfolio provides the technology needed to make this possible in a subscription model that will not make small businesses an indispensable technology.

Image: RICOH