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Roofing Statistics That You Should Be Aware of in Canton Michigan

Roofing Statistics That You Should Be Aware of in Canton Michigan

Roof installation finance is not something you can ever hope to avoid. If you own a business, you would need to deal with commercial roofing. If you are a homeowner, you would need to handle residential roofing.

Both kinds of roofing involve making repairs, replacements, and taking care of your roof which cannot be avoided. Attempts to avoid such roofing responsibilities would only lead to greater or worse problems in the future.

Statistics Involving Roofing That You Should Know About

There are some remarkable, surprising and annoying statistics about roofing that you, as a home or business owner, should be aware of.

1. The Number of Roofing Businesses in Existence

One thing you should know is that there are more than 50,000 businesses that deal with roofing installation and sidings for residential roofing in America. If there are this many roofing businesses, then that means you really need to do a lot of research to find the one that works best for you.

Not all these companies are situated near you but it doesn’t you’re you should slack off when planning or formulating your roof installation finance budget.

2. The Growth of The Roofing Industry

Another thing to note is that the roofing industry is still growing because many people are still buying houses and building businesses. There is no need to worry about roofers going out of business or losing work any time soon since different structures that require roofs are being built every day.

Even if the building of residential houses and businesses slow down, the roofs of the buildings already in existence will keep needing repairs. Roofs will keep getting old or worn or affected by natural sources so roofing companies can never lose their relevance anytime soon.

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3. Bad Roofs Can Cause Serious Damage to Buildings

A considerable percentage of damages to buildings can be traced directly to water intrusion. You need to be very careful about the kind of roofing business you hire because a bad roofer can create a lot of problems for your building.

Their flawed services can reduce the lifespan of the structure and hurt your business’s image. You need to make sure your roof is checked regularly for any leakages, no matter how small they are, to prevent the situation from getting worse.

Not all water intrusion situations are a result of poor roofing. Water can get into the building through cracks in the foundation or through floods but the most common way for water to get in is through the roof.

4. Recently, Roofs Have Had Reduced Lifespans

Not all roofs need to be replaced or repaired before their designated lifespans, but this has been the case for a lot of them recently as a result of the weather and other negative conditions.

This has caused a lot of businesses and homeowners to spend more money than they had previously budgeted for roof installation finance.


Being aware of and understanding these roofing statistics would give you more facts and figures that can help you in deciding which steps to take when dealing with roofing.