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Roofing Styles and Their Advantages


When you look around your neighborhood, something essential and funny will come to your notice at the same time regarding roofs. You would notice the shape of the roofs around you are pretty much different from each other. One would probably think to himself that everyone has the desired style or look he or she wants for his house.

Beauty must have influenced the decision of several people regarding roofing style, and I would guess that only a few people possible understand the advantages or the disadvantages of their roofing style. But if you meet any professional roofing contractor near you, you can ask them about your roof to gather more knowledge.

I will be doing you pretty much of a favor in this article by enlightening you about what you stand to gain if you choose a particular roofing style and possibly the disaster that might follow.

Hip Roof

You might not know what type of roofing style is referred to as a hip roof. Before I proceed to tell you about the advantage of this roof, I will give a brief description of the roof for a better understanding. A hip roof is the type of roof installed to have four slopes that converge at the top to produce/form a ridge.

You must have seen lots of this type of roof. This roofing style has the advantage of stability. The four-way slopes increase its stability compared to other types of roofs. The slop formed gives the advantage of allowing easy run off of snow, and water faster and efficiently.

It will be of great interest for you to know that this style gives room for more ventilation and space for an attic. Nevertheless, it has its disadvantages which you need to know about.

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Flat Roof

This is a very common roofing style that can be found almost anywhere in the world. Something I personally love about this roofing style is simplicity. It appears simple and yet beautiful. This roofing system needs no extreme description. It is flat just like the name portrays but with a little pitch for the sake of easy water drainage.

The interesting advantage of a flat roof is the fact that it gives enough room for a rooftop patio. Aside from this fantastic advantage, it will interest you to know that it also gives excessive room for solar panels and other equipment such as HV/AC units. You will love the ease of construction of this roofing style and the fantastic beauty it gives your roof.

Gable Roof

Have you ever noticed any roof having an edge with the shape of a triangle? If you have, then you already have a reality of view of the roofing style I am trying to paint the picture with words. This roof is installed by forming two slopes which comes together to give the triangular shape you see.

Just like every other roofing style, when properly installed, it increases the beauty of your building, and you get to enjoy the advantages of low cost of services because the design is easy and also promotes easy water flow.