Running on this Hill: Here All Congressmen Are Involved in Crypto

While lawmakers in the growing number of Statehouses are putting forth legislative initiatives that are quite supportive of Blockchain (think Arizona, Wyoming or Georgia), the architects of federal politics on Capitol Hill prefer to take a cautious step to another.

However, the month of February finally saw the Congress rise favorably and tilt favorably Cryptographic evidence of Jay Clayton and the CFTC, J. Christopher Giancarlo. Not only did the landmark audience lay the foundation for advancing regulation, but it also sparked some senators' views on cryptocurrencies and beyond. In the midst of the regulatory dynamics of the building, we are gathering what we already know about some positions of Congressmen on all that is Blockchain

<img alt=" Representative Jared Polis, D-CO "src =" "title =" Representative Jared Polis, D-CO "/>

Representative Jared Polis, D-CO

" The Blockchain has unlimited potential.

A Representative of a Congressman in Favor of Bitcoin, Representative Polis played a role in the creation of the Congressional Blockchain Caucus, a bipartisan group rooting for the expansion of Blockchain technology and promoting a non-interventionist regulatory approach, initiatives included, among other things, a bill that proposed to exempt all cryptocurrency purchases from taxation as well as an appeal to members of Congress. and the government for that they disclose their ownership of cryptographic assets.

Future Prospects : Chances are that Polis leaves home either before the end of the year. In June 2017, he announced his bid for the governor of Colorado, leading the first polls shortly after

<img alt=" Representative David Schweikert , R-AZ "src = "" title = "Representative David Schweikert, R-AZ" />

Representative David Schweikert , R-AZ

"This will create a revolution.

Schweikert, an Arizona Republican, is Polis's closest confederate in the defense of Blockchain's cause. He is co-chair of the Congress Blockchain Caucus and has co One of his notable initiatives suggested that the Department of Veterans Affairs put in place a Blockchain system to track medical appointments of veterans. At the 115th Congress, Schweikert sits on the Committee of Ways and Means.

Prospects for the Future : Schweikert will be up for re-election in November 2018 in a race evaluated by most observers safely Republican. Some sources speculate that he is considering a run for the Governor of Arizona in 2022.

<img alt=" Representative Tom Emmer, R- MN "src =" "title =" Representative Tom Emmer, R-MN "/>

] Representative Tom Emmer, R-MN

"The United States should be home to this For these efforts to be successful, it is imperative that we adopt a deliberate, flexible and unified approach regulation. "

Tom Emmer is a member of the Committee The blockchain caucus of the congress The above quotation is from the letter written by him, Polis and Schweikert, and sent to the chiefs of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) adopt a simple and closely adapted regulation for crypto-currencies and Blockchain technology that they flourish Congressman Emmer is a member of the Committee Financial Services of the United States House

Prospects for the Future : Emmer will seek re-election in November 2018 in a district that seems solidly republican.

<img alt=" Senator Mark Warner, D-VI "src =" "title =" Senator Mark Warner, D-VI "/>

Senator Mark Warner, D-VI

"I was an early investor in cell phones in the 80s, and I believe that #Blockchain has the potential to To be just as transformational as cell phones. When our government starts looking at #crypto, I do not think you can separate the #cryptocurrencies from the technology that they use.

At the February audacious hearing, Senator Warner earned the reputation of a right crypto-bull, estimating that the market capitalization would exceed $ 20 US. 39 by 2020. A successful technology entrepreneur and later Governor of Virginia To be a strong supporter of Blockchain's great promise, Warner has his concerns, anticipating the need for a serious effort from the industry to develops exponentially. Senator Warner's current duties are as follows: intelligence, banking, housing and urban affairs, budget, finance, rules and administration

Prospects for the Future : Warner's Mandate Takes ending in 2021, is a chance that he sees his $ 20 tln prophecy fulfilled during his current tenure.

<img alt=" Senator John Kennedy, R-LA "src =" " title = "Senator John Kennedy, R-LA" />

Senator John Kennedy, R-LA

"You can extend the disclosure to Bitcoin and to you " (…) " The revelation must have a meaning and help other people than the lawyers. "

The Republican of Louisiana expressed doubts as to whether the disclosure requirements imposed by the Securities Act would work with Bitcoin, even if it does not give a clear overview of its general position on cryptocurrencies, this might suggest that Kennedy is looking into the merchant side of the biggest debate about security products. on the following commissions: Credits, Bank, Housing and Urban Affairs, Budget, Judiciary

Prospects for the future : after taking office in 2017, the mandate of Kennedy n & # Expires in 2023.

<img alt=" Representative Dave Brat, R-VI "src =" storage / uploads / view / ae64a0d8efb45870b1cd5a926ed92fa0.jpg "title =" Representative Dave Brat, R-VI "/>

Representative Dave Brat, R-VI

] "I am totally free-swinger, so I do not want to regulate." (…) "But if it's a currency that could destabilize the entire economy, you're going to have this conversation "

A pattern that is consistent in all federal legislators' comments is that even the most radical Republicans in the marketplace They have a certain appetite for regulation. Call it as a word of mouth service or a thoughtful and balanced position, no one on Capitol Hill wants to go on to call for a laissez-faire approach to cryptocurrencies. Work of the Brat Committee: Budget, Education and Manpower, Small Businesses

Prospects for the Future : Brat will be re-elected in November 2018 in a trendy district Republican.

<img alt=" Representative Bill Huizenga, R-MI "src =" " title = "Representative Bill Huizenga, R-MI" />

Representative Bill Huizenga, R-MI

"The SEC is properly the head on

Congressman Huizenga chairs the Financial Services Subcommittee of the Chamber of Capital Markets and has witnessed the explosive growth of cryptocurrency markets in recent months.

Prospects for the future : Huizenga will be re-elected in November 2018 in a safe Republican district.

<img alt=" Representative Dana Rohrabacher, R-CA "src =" http: // cointeleg "title =" Representative Dana Rohrabacher, R-CA "/>

Representative Dana Rohrabacher, R-CA

" I believe we should encourage digital currencies to implement anti-money laundering and customer knowledge standards. These protections should allow our law enforcement and national security professionals to control the financing of terrorists, to protect our freedom to use digital currencies … and to keep them safe. America at the head of this technological advance.

Speaking of the National Defense Authorization Act 2018, Congressman Rohrabacher stepped aside to protest the total ban on cryptocurrencies, citing their ability to economically empower those living under authoritarian governments. Yet he called for tighter measures to fight money laundering and identity tracking for the sake of national security. Committees: Science, Space and Technology, Foreign Affairs

Prospects for the Future : In its bid for re-election in November 2018, Rohrabacher would face serious democratic competition up to the present day. at the race.

<img alt=" Representative Ro Khanna, D-CA "src =" " title = "Representative Ro Khanna, D-CA" />

Representative Ro Khanna, D-CA

"[More regulation is needed] this either against fraud, "

California Democrat, Khanna is known to be in favor of tight regulation of cryptocurrency, in addition to common concerns such as: Speculative trading, fraudulent financial plans, and the possibility of obtaining funds for terrorism, it reduces the need to mitigate the environmental risks that cryptocurrencies engender.One of the measures that Khanna seeks to advance is the tax on mining. .

Prospects for the future : Wil I would face re-election in November 2018 in a secure democratic district, under a top-2 primary system


<img alt=" Representative Emanuel Cleaver, D-MO "src =" "title =" Representative Emanuel Cleaver, D -MO "/>

Representative Emanuel Cleaver, D-MO

" I would like to know what measures your members take for themselves. ensure that the Bitcoin services they provide are not used to facilitate radical campaigns of abuse, harassment and / or violence against Americans.

Cleaver Congressman's main concern is that cryptocurrencies could facilitate the provision of resources to white supremacist groups and other extremist groups that are denied financial services by conventional providers. To take regulatory action, Cleaver seeks to convey its message to influential groups in the cryptographic community, such as the Bitcoin Foundation and the Digital Chamber of Commerce Committees: Financial Services

Outlook future : Cleaver will seek re-election in November 2018 in a district that has a solid democratic air

<img alt=" Representative Roger Williams, R-TX "src =" "title =" Representative Roger Williams, R-TX "/>

Representative Roger Williams, R-TX

"At the moment, virtually everyone digital currencies do not conform to critical standards AML / KYC that we expect from our other institutions.Some in the world of digital currencies argue that digital finance requires a relaxation of these standards.This is absolutely incorrect. "

Former Texas State Secretary, Williams is a strong advocate of holding crypto-currencies to the same regulatory standards as cash trustees Committees: Financial Services

Prospects for the Future : Williams will be looking for re-election in November 2018 in a solidly Republican district.
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<img alt=" Representative Carolyn Maloney, D-NY "src =" "title =" Representative Carolyn Maloney, D-NY "/>

Representative Carolyn Maloney, D-NY

"Many people do not realize that there is nothing that supports these virtual coins. "

It would be a marvel if, in a debate like this, no one presented with a banner reading: "Your Bitcoin is not supported by anything! "of the speculative cryptocurrency negotiation, Congressman Maloney calls for tighter control on behalf of the SEC Committees: Financial Services; Supervision and Reform of the Government

Prospects for the Future ]: Maloney will be re-elected in November 2018 in a solidly democratic district.