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Safety is important in the Big Apple, and Volkswagen Manhattan Open Road helps families to offer college and peace of mind

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Students must work hard if they hope to graduate. They spend years learning, reading and studying, but once graduated, many still struggle to find jobs in their field or a first-level job that pays enough to cover the bills and these discouraging student loans. In addition, most will need a vehicle to get to work and back.

This can be a problem for someone who really does not have money to spare.

It is often possible to buy an older, less reliable car that barely passes inspection or is not well maintained. These situations often lead to accidents and injuries, which is something that Open Road Volkswagen Manhattan is trying to help college graduates to avoid.

Program for College Graduates

With its VW College Grad program, the Volkswagen Manhattan Open Road hopes to help young graduates purchase a safe and reliable car. They hope to help graduates take their first steps towards a successful career. Volkswagen Manhattan Open Road will offer up to $ 500 in contract bonuses to new graduates eligible for the purchase or lease of a new Volkswagen vehicle. For those who choose to rent, no deposit will be required. No co-signer or credit history is required, but if graduates have a credit history, they must be in good standing.

To be eligible for this program, students must have graduated within the last two years or be graduating from an accredited college in the United States or Canada within the next six months. They must have a full-time job or a written commitment to hire from their future employer. Students and graduates who meet these criteria and are interested in the VW College Grad program should visit the Volkswagen Manhattan Open Road with:

  • A copy of their diplomas or transcriptions
  • Coordinates of college or university
  • A copy of proof of income and permanent employment, or a written undertaking to hire
  • Contact details of a human resources representative at their place of work;
  • Coordinates for 2 references, one of which must be a parent.
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Do not forget about auto insurance

Getting a car, however, is only the first step. In order to be safe and to feel safe and confident, new graduates will also need a good insurance plan that will protect both their new vehicle and themselves. MyVWInsurance is the best way to ensure that if your car needs repairs, it receives Volkswagen genuine parts. It also offers replacement of the new car, accident handover and free towing to the nearest Volkswagen dealer in case of vehicle breakdown. Future graduates and future graduates can also benefit from multiple discounts.

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With VW College Grad's Open Road Volkswagen Manhattan program and comprehensive insurance options, college graduates and their families can rest easy. It is good to know that they drive a safe and reliable car, full of protection – both physical and financial. The goal is to keep new graduates safe on the road to success.