Salesforce Acquires Attic Labs, Starting the Decentralized Database Names

Attic Labs, the creator of Names, an open-source decentralized database, announced today the acquisition of Salesforce. The terms of the agreement, the first Salesforce acquisition of 2018, were undisclosed. Last year, the company only purchased the Sequence digital creative agency, according to Crunchbase, pausing in a wave of acquisitions in 2016, when it bought back a dozen or so companies.

Names was launched in August 2016, at the same time Attic Labs announced that it had lifted a $ 8.1 million Series A round led by Greylock. Founders Aaron Boodman and Rafael Weinstein, as well as many other members of the Attic Labs team, have already worked on Google Chrome. Boodman also created Greasemonkey.

Like Git, Names allows users to replicate data and edit it offline on multiple machines, and then sync changes. It also puts emphasis on versioning so that changes do not destroy previous versions of the data, making recovery easier if necessary. Unlike Git, however, Names is written to store structured data instead of text files and to support very large sets of data. In his announcement, Attic Labs said that Names would remain open source. In an article on the Names forum, Boodman added that Attic Labs had "no immediate plans for additional work" on the database.

Upon completion of the acquisition, the Attic Labs team will join Quip, the documentary collaboration platform that Salesforce purchased in August 2016 for $ 750 million. According to Attic Labs, Names & # 39; tech & # 39; Extend Quip's ability to connect live data sources, making it easier for users to collaborate faster and more efficiently. "

Featured Image: Vicki Jauron, Babylon and Beyond Photography / Getty Images

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