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Samsung announces a boost for renewable energy

Samsung announced that it would use 100% renewable energy for all its factories and offices in the United States, Europe and China. This is the first time that Samsung has announced a public commitment to renewable energy.

Greenpeace and environmental activists have been calling Samsung for months as many technology companies have already begun switching to renewable energy.

Samsung begins with parts of his organization that he can control more easily – his own buildings, factories, and offices. According to the Greenpeace press release, 17 of its 38 buildings are based in the United States, Europe and China.

"Samsung Electronics is the first electronics manufacturing company in Asia to set a renewable energy target, which could have a huge impact on reducing the massive industrial footprint of the company and show how much industry participation is essential to reducing emissions and accelerating the transition to renewable energy More companies should follow and fix renewable energy targets, and governments should promote policies that allow companies to easily obtain renewable energy, "Greenpeace activist Insung Lee said in a news release


That will not happen overnight. But these buildings will run on renewable energy by 2020. Samsung says it could increase its use of renewable energy in other countries. In addition to this, Samsung will install solar panels in Gyeonggi Province in South Korea.

Like many tech companies, Samsung also works with thousands of vendors. So it is not enough to use renewable energy for your own facilities. Samsung starts modestly on this front and joins the Carbon Disclosure Project Supply Chain Program.

First and foremost, the company wants to identify the energy needs of its top 100 suppliers and help them switch to renewable energy. This is a multi-year project, and it will be important to regularly monitor Samsung's progress on this front.

But it's as good to see one of the world's largest consumer electronics companies making strong commitments.

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